The economy is never out of the news these days, but the source of the headlines is becoming more diverse as the days go on. The alternative media has never been in any doubt that the whole system was going to come tumbling down, but it seems that finally the mainstream is starting to admit that cracks are appearing in the global financial system.

Talk of recovery and green shoots are still there of course because for the most part, the lies told by governments around the world need to be perpetuated. Governments will fall if there was enough information out there to allow the people to empty the banks and stash their cash, or worse still for the governments would be seeing it spent on guns, ammunition and preparedness supplies. That would mean people know far too much, and that resistance is highly likely in the future.

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Of course there will be resistance anyway as the system crumbles, but in general, those that have not watched, that have not listened and taken notice of the events that are unfolding, will be disorganized and hungry. The government will be able to buy them off with a few bottles of water and a bag of pasta.

It’s those who are organized that are a threat. People like us, you and me. People who don’t rely on the government now and will not need the government in the future. Those who can feed their families, those who have alternate heat, water and weapons. People who have precious metals to replace the collapsed fiat currency and those who have skills or supplies they can barter will be the enemies of the government.

Below is a random list of articles I have happened across Thursday morning. There are more, dozens and dozens more, that signify that the word is getting out. Once the mainstream media start to express doubts it’s my hope that more and more people will wake up to what’s happening. I pray that more and more people prep for their families future.

The more of ‘us’ there are, the bigger the fight ‘they’ will have.

CNN: What the drop in the market means for stocks (and the economy)

Bloomberg: Goldman to Fidelity Call for Calm After Global Stock Wipeout

RT: Financial world shaken by 4 bankers’ apparent suicides in a week

WSJ: Turkey Seeks to Avert Financial Crisis

Yahoo News: Argentina policies adrift as inflation spiral looms

Reuters: Nikkei slips, stays near 4-month low

Contributed by Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple.

Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up!