deniedSeniors and people with cancer and other serious illnesses aren’t the only ones suffering the consequences of Obama’s version of “health care.” Now children are having to go without adequate care due to the disastrous health care law.

Seattle Children’s Hospital is suing the state insurance commissioner over “failure to ensure adequate network coverage” in the Obamacare exchanges.

Only 2 of the 7 plans offered under Washington’s healthcare exchange cover services at the hospital, which is one of the state’s main providers of specialized pediatric care.

Sarah Fink found this out the hard way when her 4 year-old daughter Kate needed to see a specialist at the hospital for a ruptured eardrum. The insurance company initially authorized the treatment, only to turn around and deny it four days later. The reason? The hospital is out-of-network.

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Dr. Sandy Melzer is a physician at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and he says the Finks’ case is not an isolated one:

“The exclusion of a major provider like Seattle Children’s for a major insurance network in this market is unprecedented. We’re seeing denials of care, disruptions in care. We’re seeing a great deal of confusion and, at times, anger and frustration on the part of these families who bought insurance thinking their children were going to be covered, and they’ve found that it’s a false promise.”


You can’t keep your plan, you can’t keep your doctor, and your children can’t get the care they need either.

Contributed by Lily Dane of The Daily Sheeple.

Lily Dane is a staff writer for The Daily Sheeple. Her goal is to help people to “Wake the Flock Up!”