operation american springThis is America, right? We have the vote, right? A democracy? And voter fraud has been proven negligible?

Yes, this is America. Hence, a quick history lesson.

When 13 former English colonies gained independence, they were 13 individual states, i.e. 13 individual countries. They wanted to band together, but in a democracy, what was good for Virginia (population almost 750,000) with large towns and huge farms. may be not so good for much smaller Connecticut (population not quite 250,000).

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What was to keep the heavily populated states with interests similar to Virginia from running the country to the detriment of the smaller states with interests similar to Connecticut?

A ‘republic’ form of government, where the popular wishes of the nation’s people are evenly represented (the House of Representatives, based on popular vote) vs. the interests of the individual States (The Senate), and a President elected by independent delegations from the States (Electoral college.)

It’s complicated, but it tends to keep big states from bullying smaller states into doing things not so good for them.

So we are not really supposed to be a democracy where every vote has equal sway, we are a Republic with checks and balances.

Or were. Now we trend toward a straight democracy. Which, as soon as a simple majority realize their power, they can rule the minority through elections. Which is what we see today. A simple majority of Democrats shoving their agenda onto everyone.

As Obama declared, “I will not negotiate.”


Polls indicate that Conservatives outnumber liberals in America. So are the liberal rulers in Washington really even representing a majority?

Investigations by authorities indicate a very limited level of fraud in American elections.

But what triggers these investigations? How are they initiated? How are they started?

Election fraud is only investigated with a specific complaint. I.E., a specific crime has to be reported, like any other investigation.

Like most so-called victimless crimes, a suspect must be reported, then that person is investigated.

When you vote, do you challenge the credentials of your fellow voters? Of course not. Do you know if any of them are really authorized to vote each time they vote?

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Some precincts ask for verification. If the voter cannot produce it, are they reported? Not generally. They are told they are not authorized to vote.

Some precincts do not even go that far. So the real level of fraud nationwide is a mystery. As international observers invited by Obama complained in 2012, (before leaving the country without media coverage or fanfare) there is no accountability, no verification. They complained fraud is inevitable.

So no protection is offered in a republican system any more, no real assurance even of democracy.

Furthermore, four states utilized voting machines from a company largely owned by George Soros, the long-time backer of Obama and the Clintons, and many using these machines (including swing state Ohio) reported they noticed these machines initially registered their votes for Obama although they pressed Romney’s icon.

I myself almost inadvertently voted for Obama…it personally took me three tries to find the spot on the screen that registered my vote for Romney, and I almost skipped the ‘confirm’ screen in the first place…I was a split second from casting a vote for Obama without ever realizing it because I didn’t anticipate a rigged machine.

Finally, with several states issuing DLs to illegals, they too will be able to slip into the electoral process more readily. That is a pool of millions.

So there is every reason to believe that fraud exists in large numbers both by political supporters and the system itself.

Finally, there is Washington.

The level of graft and corruption has reached the point where no matter how many new politicians we send there, to function at any level of success they will have to integrate into the corrupt system.

And term limits will aggravate, not help the situation: we’ll not be able to see what freshmen Congressmen and Senators do (to decide whether to send them back), and last term officials who have been corrupted, without hopes of a new term, will engage in feeding frenzies on the tax payer dime.

House Republicans will continue caving in to Obama and the next Clinton, Senators will continue to refuse to impeach horribly corrupt Presidents.

This leaves only one way to rid ourselves of the cancer of Washington politics: go there ourselves and demand its removal.

Operation American Spring begins May 16th with the peaceful occupation of Washington DC until the current lawless regime abdicates or is replaced by those loyal to the Constitution.

Official site: http://patriotsforamerica.ning.com

Pass the word!