Preppers are crazyWe have all seen the T.V shows about “preppers“ and those who take preparations to the societal “extreme”. They spend large sums of money to purchase things they believe will help them survive an impending societal collapse. With the hard pressed times and sometimes questionable movements that governments all around the world seem to be making, is it any wonder that this has become a worldwide movement? But with an economic disaster looming, natural disasters becoming more frequent, and “big brother” watching and listening to our every move…being controlled by our “fearless and self-proclaimed dictator”, why is it that people seem to laugh in the face of those who’s only goal is to keep themselves and their families alive?

With the most minute amount of research done by the most ignorant of people, anyone can see that our society is a stones throw away from complete and total chaos. But still people everywhere, who sleep comfortably in their warm beds and throw pounds of left over food away on a regular basis, couldn’t imagine a life without a full grocery store or air conditioner in the summer to keep them cool and comfortable. Their minds simply can not comprehend the fact that their materialistic items that make their everyday life so easy, might not be there forever and that one day they might have to “go without” those comforts for an undetermined amount of time.

So what makes some of those people who rely so much on their everyday routine and way of life, mock and ridicule those who see through the lies and deception the American mainstream media feeds the people? Is it because they are fearful themselves? Or do they honestly believe that the world is just fine and that our government will somehow pull a metaphorical rabbit out of its hat and that somehow all our problems. I believe it’s a little bit of both combined with a deep rooted defense mechanism. When people are scared or feel threatened, sometimes the brain will rationalize itself with its own thoughts and people try to put others down or make fun of them to somehow rationalize the fact that things may not always be like Mayberry.

So how should those who take measures to prepare for an unprecedented future, respond to ridicule and taunting for their beliefs? If you ask me, I say just let it be. One of the biggest rules of prepping is not to let many people know you are a prepper, because when SHTF, they are the ones who will want what you have worked so hard to acquire, and will probably use any means necessary to take it from you. So the easiest way to prevent that and the taunting is just to keep your prepping to yourself or to your network of trusted family and friends with which you are like minded. Keeping your mouth shut in itself is a form of prepping. The less people know, the less chance they will attempt to take what you have, potentially by force.

So the bottom line here is, the reason they laugh and crack jokes is really irrelevant. With people who are set in their ways there really sometimes is no compromise or convincing them to understand your point of view. Like a mother bear letting go of her cubs to fend for themselves, we must let go and leave those to their own devices, unfortunately. If you cannot help yourself, then you can most certainly not help anyone else, especially when lives are at stake. So in the words of my preacher, my mother and just about every Christian I know, we must let go and let God.

I myself am a survival instructor and teach classes in East Texas. This is one of the most important aspects I try to instill into my students. Sometimes there comes I time when we want to shout at the world and tell them how ignorant they are for not making the necessary precautions for any type of emergency situation, but we must keep our thoughts to ourselves and hope and pray for the best for those people. You can’t control the actions of other people, but you can control your actions. I am a devout Christian and I believe God has a plan for everyone, and if He wanted you to survive the looming disasters of the future, or the uncertain misfortune we so intensely fear, then He would put that fear in your heart so that you make take necessary precautions for yourself and your family. Just as God told Noah before the flood, He warns us in our hearts. We all feel it, but how will you react?