It has been just 24 hours and Katy Perry cravenly caved to Islamic supremacist demands.

Are there no heroes anymore? Anywhere. When I was growing up, the credo of the youth was to fight “the man.” Stand up against authoritarianism and oppression. Exalt the individual.

The youth today shill for ….. Obama, the government, and Islamic supremacist oppressors. What happened to youthful rebellion? Fighting for freedom? Isn’t that a young cause?

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Perry, what a boob.

Perry, what a boob.

Stumping for statism is youthful rebellion? Stumping for socialized medicine is youthful rebellion? Caving in to savages who threaten to maim, burn and kill anyone who doesn’t adhere to their barbaric law is …youthful rebellion?

Poor Katy Perry, she coulda been somebody. She coulda been a contender. She coulda been somebody.

Rock ‘n’ roll icons used to be heroes, now they are lapdogs for “the man,” or maybe that should be “imam.”

She is constantly wrapping herself in the American flag but she doesn’t defend it. She ought to wrap herself in a burka. Because that is exactly what she has done.

Yesterday was a sad day for freedom ….. Google was being ordered to remove the Muhammad video that became Obama’s go-to lie for all of his failures, and now Katy Perry’s viral hit “Dark Horse” was changed to appease Muslim rage and totalitarianism.

Christians are being slaughtered wholesale in Nigeria, the CAR, Sudan, north Africa and the Middle East, and Katy Perry, raised in a devout Christian household, bows down to supremacist savages. It’s a sad day, my friends.

As of Wednesday morning:

katy perry video

And now (screenshots thanks to Russ)

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 9.08.20 PM

Dark Horse: video

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Even with 36,000,000+ views & 422,000+ Likes to 113,000+ Dislikes (guess who)

Perry and her team blinked first and sacrificed America’s most cherished freedom to Muslim rage.

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