operation american springThe best predictor of future behavior are past events. History is a great teacher and the upcoming Operation American Spring, to be held on May 16, 2014, stands as an example of why we need to pay attention to our history.

I have received quite a few requests from people who want me to endorse Operation American Spring by expressing the belief that all we need to do is to stand up to tyranny, expose the tyranny and tyranny will run for cover. When American protesters show up in DC on May 16, 2014, the government will indeed run. They will run to retrieve their guns. This event, if carried out in the proposed fashion, will end very badly for when the people rise up and aggressively oppose governmental tyranny, the government will strike back. And this group will be ill prepared to handle the backlash.

Operation American Spring 

Colonel Riley (RET) has dubbed the event “Operation American Spring-Beginning of Tyranny Housecleaning. The event is set to commence on May 16, 2014.

Riley identifies three primary phases to the plan:

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First Phase- As many as 10 million patriots assemble in a peaceful, non-violent manner and remain unarmed.

Second Phase- At least one million of the 10 million will stay in Washington D.C., for as long as it takes, to see Obama, Biden, Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi and Holder removed from office. The movement does not state how they will accomplish the removal of these public officials.

Third Phase- West, Cruz, Carson, Lee, DeMint, Paul, Gowdy, Jordan will comprise a tribunal from which investigations will be launched and prefer charges against the guilty. Just how will these investigations occur and by what executive authority will the findings and recommendations of any tribunal be carried out, is not clear.

There is no mention of how the guilty will be arrested, charged, tried and how the sentence is to be executed. I am a sucker for movements in which we galvanize the people in an unified fashion to oppose the tyranny engulfing the US and the rest of the world. However, the movement would prove to ineffective on its face as it aims too low. The suggested arrests only target the minions of the various tyrannical attacks upon our liberties. If one wants to initiate an occupy movement, 2014 version, it needs to begin in the City of London and/or in Basel. At least begin with the Federal Reserve.

I cannot see any way that this movement is not a prescription for disaster with regard to the participants and their welfare. This kind of movement has happened before and it met with abject disaster.

Operation American Spring Is the Modern Day Bonus Army

I will not endorse Operation American Spring. I will not rise to speak for the event, but rather, I speak against the event. I would love to throw my support behind the event. However, this event is a bad idea and the 1932 treatment of the WWI Bonus Army stands as an historical example of why I feel the way that I do.

World War I veterans were promised bonus pay for their brave efforts in the “war to end all wars”.  After the 1929 crash of the Stock Market and over 50% of the nation’s banks failed from 1929-1930, money became scarce and these veterans, who became known as the Bonus Army, demanded their bonuses from the government so that they could make ends meet in those difficult times.

In the summer of 1932, the WWI veterans marched on Washington DC in much the same manner as the Operation American Spring movement is proposing to do this coming Spring. For weeks, the Bonus Army camped out near the halls of Congress. On the last day of summer session in Congress, President Hoover ordered the army to clear the veterans out. Please keep in mind that martial law was never declared and the use of the military as a police force was absolutely illegal. However, this did not deter Douglas MacArthur as he was determined to rid DC of the Bonus Army.

The Army was also led by Eisenhower and Patton and they laid waste to the shanty towns that the veterans had constructed. Their temporary shelters were burned along with their possessions. The veterans were gassed, just as they had been by the Germans in WWI. Members of the Bonus Army were poked with bayonets and many were beaten. The Army and their leaders showed the veterans little mercy. Subsequently, the veterans were driven from Washington DC and they were never paid what they were owed.

In actuality, the government, in one regard, showed the WWI veterans mercy by not mass murdering them. I question whether such a movement would not be met with more decisive force were this event to occur today.

Here is a six minute clip which accurately tells the story of the Bonus Army and these clips are an accurate portend of the fate which awaits these “occupiers” on May 16th.


Right Move, Wrong Time, Carried Out By the Wrong People

When these future heroes of WWII suppressed the Bonus Army, they were operating outside the scope of law. The Army of 1932 could not rely on the NDAA. The martial law legislation that Americans are living under today did not exist in 1932. Many of the modern day martial law provisions are game changers.

The minions of the globalists would like for nothing better than to draw a large number of dissident Americans out into the open and smash them like a bug on windshield. This would send a clear message to every other American that resistance is futile.

One organizing principle of warfare is based upon the notion of not challenging the enemy where they are strong. If millions of Americans, and I doubt that very many people could be brought to DC, were to be opposed and crushed, they would have played into the strength of our enemies.

Our efforts are better spent engaging in organized activities where we can have a real impact without the forces of the NWO being able to openly oppose us under the color of law in order to crush our movement.

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Operation American Spring also has the potential to erupt into civil disobedience and provide our enemies with the ability to begin to mass arrest American citizens in the name of restoring order. This event could prove to be the beginning of the Internment/Resettlement movement which I wrote about this past week.

There will come a time to openly oppose the “Emperor’s forces”. However, this open opposition to tyranny will not successfully come from the people. Open opposition will come from the military led by the fired Generals who were shown the door by Obama. Mark my words, that day is coming, but instead of coming from a “Bonus Army”, it will come from a guerrilla force of veterans which will lay waste to the oppressors.

The People Can Strike Back Effectively

I am not proposing that the people do not strike back and that we just lay down and take our beating without putting up any resistance. However, the people need to oppose tyranny with an expectation of success. Taking back our government need not involve the needless creation of martyrs.

Recently, I received a message from a couple living in Panama City, FL. While shopping in their local Walmart, they encountered abuse at the hands of Walmart’s new security forces who call themselves Securitas Security, or the SS for short! This couple, without provocation was falsely imprisoned, had battery committed against the husband and had their property taken by Walmart’s SS storm troopers. Many of us know that Walmart engages in virtual slave labor in China. We know that they were previously caught lying about their products being made in America. We know that former DHS Secretary, Janet Napolitano, kicked off her “See something, say something” East German Stasi spy program at Walmart. And many of us are aware that Walmart will be used as detention centers in the upcoming martial law.

Why would anyone shop at Walmart? Of course, you might save a few pennies by buying the products produced by slave labor, but at what cost to humanity? Attention Walmart shoppers, you are funding tyranny. Boycott Walmart, Kmart and all the other slave marts controlled by the globalists. In this battleground, the people hold the power.

A Real Operation American Spring

The American people do not need an American Spring. We can silently oppose the NWO by withdrawing our support. As I have repeatedly said, take your money, except enough to pay your bills, out of the Federal Reserve controlled banks. Educate yourself and take advantage of the tax deductions offered under the tax code so that you stop feeding the collection arm of the Federal Reserve, the IRS. Begin to grow as much of your food as you can and stop shopping in the “Big Ag” grocery stores which force feed us GMO’s. Do not eat out at the corporate restaurants. Eat at the mom and pop restaurants. Stop feeding the beast!


My advice to those who want a real American Spring is to educate your local law enforcement. Distribute my articles on the Internment/Resettlement camps to these people. Share the articles with veterans and active duty personnel. Engage in activities in which you have a reasonable expectation of success.

There may be an armed confrontation in our future, but it will not be successfully initiated by you or by any Operation American Spring type of movement. All you are doing is risking your own demise for an endeavor that has no hope of succeeding. Strike at the root and take away money from humanity’s enslavers.

There will come a time to oppose tyranny because they are not going to acquiesce to the will of the people. However, as I have pointed out, this will not be a “people’s opposition movement”, initially. The military will have to spearhead this movement. For now, we are all the resistance, but our resistance is that of an economic guerrilla fighter. Hit these people where it hurts, in the pocketbook and keep your self safe in the near term and stay away from Washington DC on May 16, 2014.

Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.

Editor’s Note: We have been running articles from both sides of the American Spring argument. I am personally opposed to The American Spring, for slightly different reasons than Dave. You can read my take here, or if you prefer to read a positive endorsement of The American Spring, you can find one here. -Dean Garrison