herculesTMZ recently caught up with Kevin Sorbo, the man who played the lead role on the hit 90’s TV Show Hercules. I was never much of a fan of the show. I thought it was very poorly written. However, after catching a brief glimpse of who Kevin Sorbo is I am now very much a fan of the man.

Have you ever heard another human being sum up your whole political ideology in 1 minute and 16 seconds?

Sorbo came very close to doing that for me. He said more truth in less than 90 seconds than most of our elected officials say in their entire political careers. Although I can’t agree with the fact that he voted for Bill Clinton, I do like the fact that he identifies himself as an “Independent” and not a republican. He thinks for himself. I can accept that I won’t always agree with someone, so long as they are not lock-stepping with the masses. He also voted for Ronald Reagan.

He blames the perception of conservatives upon the decades of mainstream media bias.

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He calls out the current republican establishment for being spineless and apathetically standing by and watching our country fall to ruin. He has a more colorful way of putting it. 😉

He points out the entire shift to the left and socialism. He pointed out that if JFK were alive today he would be a republican.

All of that in barely a minute?

Good stuff Hercules. Enjoy.