UKIP members already being targeted by social services

Parents with radical political beliefs should have their children taken by the state, according to London Mayor Boris Johnson, a chilling prospect given that parents who support major political parties like UKIP are already being targeted by social services.

Image: Boris Johnson (Wiki Commons).

Writing in his weekly column, Johnson said that, “The law should obviously treat radicalisation as a form of child abuse.”

While the idea is being promoted under the ostensibly reasonable justification that it will stop children being turned into “potential killers or suicide bombers,” Johnson said it could also be applied under more vague circumstances, such as if the child is taught to be “full of hate.”

The Mayor said that children whose parents are supporters of the British National Party, a right-wing organization that vehemently opposes immigration, may be taken into care in “extreme” circumstances.

However, children are already being seized from their parents under much less extreme circumstances.

In 2012, a couple had their foster children removed from their care by a local government council because they were members of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), which is the third largest political party in the United Kingdom and is expected to win the upcoming European Parliamentary elections.

Social workers told the parents, who had an exemplary record for fostering children, that the kids had been taken due to them belonging to a “racist party”. UKIP was deemed to be “racist” by the council because it opposes the “active promotion of multiculturalism.”

If the same standard is applied across the pond, many conservatives and libertarians face having their children seized since the Department of Homeland Security now characterizes “liberty lovers” as extremists and puts them in the same bracket as violent terrorists.

Johnson’s editorial arrives just weeks after a law was passed in Scotland that designates a state minder to every child in the country up to the age of 18, a move described by the Christian Institute as a, “dreadful extension of the state’s tentacles into family life.”

The law basically treats every parent as a potential child abuser and tasks government snoops with the responsibility of keeping tabs on kids in a program that sounds like it was ripped straight from the pages of a dystopian novel like Brave New World.

Abertay University’s Dr Stuart Waiton said that state guardians would be “less likely to focus on the very few serious cases of child abuse” as these will become “lost in the crowd” of an expanded list of concerns.

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