shall not be infringed 2Last weekend, I reported on Connecticut John Cinque’s 2013 warning to lawmakers that he would not comply with their attempts to force the citizens of Connecticut to register their semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. Since that time, the video, though a year old, has gone viral. However, in a recent video between Mr. Cinque and Connecticut gubernatorial candidate Joe Viconti, Cinque reveals that a Branford, Connecticut police officer told him, “I Cannot Wait to Get the Order to Kick Your Door In.”


View the video in its entirety here.

Cinque was explaining last year’s account to Viconti. Specifically he referenced a phone conversation with Connecticut State Representative David Yaccarino. In that questioning, Cinque said that the thing that really stuck with him was the fact that when he asked Yaccarino why there was a Second Amendment, he responded that it was put in place so that the Colonists could attack the British. No, seriously, that is what was said. Never mind that the Second Amendment was written long after the Revolutionary War.

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Yaccarino finished the conversation with Cinque and then the phone was hung up, and Cinque was determined to go to the meeting (you can see the video of his comments here if you missed them).

According to Viconti, Governor Malloy’s signing the gun registration bill, was what got him in the race for governor. “I got into the race April 4th, as the governor was signing the bill, because for me, it was the last straw,” he told Cinque.

Cinque was asked how he felt as well.

Mr. Cinque was angry over the fact that these elected officials were claiming that they did great things for the citizens of Connecticut and saved their rights, when he believed what they were doing was violating their oath of office.

Both representatives are Republicans. “I’m a Republican,” Cinque said in response to Visconti’s affirmation that he also is a Republican.

“But I don’t trust the Republicans either, at the state or the federal level,” Cinque continued. “This whole Progressive movement has bitten everyone, and that’s what it comes down to.”

Visconti interjected that it hasn’t bitten everyone, affirming that it had not bitten him, and Connecticut gun owners seem to agree with him. Visconti not only wants to fight the current gun law, but the entire progressive agenda. “What are we gonna do about this gun law in Connecticut, because they are not going to stop?” he asked.

Cinque agreed with Visconti. “Anytime you hear ‘common sense gun laws’ or ‘common sense gun restrictions,’ it means ‘confiscation’ to them,” he told Visconti. “That’s the only ‘common sense’ thing to the people who are spewing this out. It means confiscation in the end.”

When asked what Cinque thinks will happen, he said, “Well, if the governor is re-elected, it’s gonna be uh….not just on the Second Amendment…it’s gonna be a whole lot of changes. I have zero doubt they’re gonna go full speed ahead.”

Then he delivered the bombshell. “I can speak from my own experience, that the video that was posted….in which I said ‘I’m not going to comply’… and I stand by my words… I’ve had contact with a police officer in my home town…I live in Branford, and his words straight out were ‘I Cannot Wait to Get the Order to Kick Your Door In.'”

A call to the Branford, Connecticut Police Department simply led to me calling on Monday, which I will do, to speak to the Police Chief. Also, an email to John Cinque has not been returned at the time of publishing. The article will be updated with any new information.

John is among hundreds of thousands of Connecticut citizens who are exercising mass civil disobedience against not only a violation of their rights expressed in the Second Amendment, but also in the Connecticut State Constitution. They are not registering their weapons and they aren’t surrendering them as instructed. As has been pointed out by a Cuban immigrant to America, gun registration is the step immediately before gun confiscation. In fact, the man I’m referencing, Manuel Martinez‘s son, contacted Freedom Outpost to reiterate that we should refer to all “gun control” legislation as a form of “gun confiscation,” which Cinque indicates that is exactly what is on the progressives mind, both Democrat and Republican.

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This is what that people of Connecticut are up against. They are up against tyrants; tyrants that believe they are the master of the citizens, not the other way around.

God bless these patriots, and may He continue to grant them courage and victory in this desperate hour.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost.