A crucifixion — the message is viciously clear. But no worries. Obama assures us that al qaeda is “on the run.”

These images are so disturbing — it dislodges the soul. And yet it is the opponents of this ideology who are targeted and destroyed. I dislike running these images, but I run them for the same reason Eisenhower demanded that the concentration camp carnage be meticulously documented, so that no one could ever say it didn’t happen. Jihadists and the Muslim supremacists and Islamic apologists in the West deny that these things are happening. They are happening every day across the world, and it’s escalating.

AQAP Crucifies ‘American Spy’ (Graphic Image) MEMRI

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 10.36.27 AMSource in Yemen have distributed photos of a man crucified by local Al-Qaeda operatives. The man was apparently accused of serving as a spy for the U.S.

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