Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 6.08.29 PMCultural jihad. Hamas-CAIR is trying to bully ABC into scrubbing/whitewashing a benign TV pilot because it might not portray jihadists as all sweetness and light.

Why doesn’t Hamas-CAIR bully the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to stop kidnapping Christian girls who are forcibly converted to Islam? Real life girls. Why doesn’t Hamas-CAIR bully and intimidate the thousands of Muslims across the world who are waging jihad in the cause of Islam and giving Islam a bad rep? Why doesn’t Hamas-CAIR bully and intimidate the hundreds of Muslim gangs in the UK that are sex trafficking in tween infidel girls? Why doesn’t Hamas-CAIR condemn jihadists in Nigeria who are slaughtering children, teachers, and doctors in the cause of Islam? ABC is not the problem, Nihad. Jihad is the problem. Sharia is the problem. What is Hamas-CAIR doing to address that, outside of enabling and advancing it?

Who speaks for those girls? The last time Hollywood addressed this horror was 25 years ago  with “Not Without My Daughter,” with Sally Field. I guarantee you that ABC won’t be presenting anything even close to that. You can bet it will be whitewashed and silly, but Hamas-CAIR doesn’t want it mentioned.

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Supremacist thugs tell us what we can or cannot discuss, no matter what the human cost. I, for one, will be watching. I bet millions do, too.

Why aren’t the leftwing cultural elites as concerned with the oppressed, subjugated and slaughtered under sharia as they are with the possibility of hurting the feelings of jihadis?

“Alice in Arabia” is a high-stakes drama series about a rebellious American teenage girl who, after tragedy befalls her parents, is unknowingly kidnapped by her extended family, who are Saudi Arabian. Alice finds herself a stranger in a new world but is intrigued by its offerings and people, whom she finds surprisingly diverse in their views on the world and her situation. Now a virtual prisoner in her grandfather’s royal compound, Alice must count on her independent spirit and wit to find a way to return home while surviving life behind the veil.”

Why doesn’t Hamas-CAIR condemn the numerous kidnapping of girls from Western countries and taken to live in abject misery under the sharia in Muslim countries?

We Got A Copy of the Script for “Alice In Arabia” and It’s Exactly What Critics Feared
The Council of American-Islamic Relations said in a letter to ABC Family that they were “concerned about the negative impact this program could have on the lives of ordinary Arab-American and American Muslims” and that the series “may engage in stereotyping that can lead to things like bullying of Muslim students.”

Are these thugs for real? If jihadists have a bad rep it’s becuase they are laughtering innocent people en masse. What is CAIR doing to address that?

As for Hollywood, doesn’t anyone in that town have any balls outside of Kathryn Bigelow?

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