Authorities deemed Jonathan Hall to be “depressed”

Image: CT Police Seize Guns (Facebook).

Amidst fears that Connecticut police may be preparing for gun confiscation, a recovering alcoholic had his firearms seized by CT police as a result of authorities claiming the man was depressed.

Jonathan Hall posted the adjacent picture on his Facebook page alongside the words, “My guns being seized by the CT state police.” In a previous post, Hall complained, “Well Connecticut state police are on their way to seize all of my firearms… what the fuck happened to my 2nd amendment. … this is unjustified. … and this is no bullshit either…. they are really on their way with a court order for me to hand over my firearms!”

According to other posts on his Facebook page, Hall was a recovering alcoholic in detox, which in the eyes of Connecticut authorities meant he was “depressed”.

In answer to a question about why his guns were taken, Hall responded, “Because I went through a medical detox program to straighten my life and not be drunk and hungover all the time and said I was slightly depressed … but I was only depressed cause I was coming off a drinking binge… and I referred my self to get better.”

Under Connecticut law, police can seize weapons and hold them for up to a year if an individual is deemed to pose a risk of “imminent personal injury to self or others.” Last year alone in Connecticut, there were more than 180 instances of people having their firearms confiscated on this basis.

The seizure of Hall’s firearms under dubious pretenses is all the more controversial given current fears over whether or not Connecticut authorities will implement a gun confiscation program targeting the thousands of residents who refused to adhere to a January 1 law which mandated they register their semi-auto firearms and high capacity magazines with police.

Connecticut state police today asserted that they do not plan on going door to door to seize firearms, although the circumstances behind the confiscation of Jonathan Hall’s guns will do little to calm nerves.

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