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It appears the Cliven Bundy/Bureau of Land Management situation is winding down. I broke down a few minutes ago in tears and all I can do is praise God above and the spirit of the American Patriot. I get a little emotional sometimes.

What I have witnessed over the past week has been a miracle. Some may not see it that way, but I do. What I have seen is exactly why I continue to do what I do. My only goal is to be part of the solution. I don’t need to be a big part. I just pray every day that God will find a way to work through me. I am not going to preach, but when a real-life David beats a real-life Goliath, well you know that it isn’t all David… Right? Enough of that.

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I feel some hope this evening. I understand that seeing the Bureau of Land Management back down from Cliven Bundy, and his wonderful supporters, is not necessarily permanent. We have not won a war. Maybe we have won a small battle and maybe we are just being appeased while the enemy regroups. I don’t know. What I do know is that for the moment it appears that a courageous American named Cliven Bundy has won and it was because of the die hard American people that rallied to his aid.

Over the last week I have seen the “alternative” media step up in a huge way. The alternative media is about truth. D.C. Clothesline is just a tiny wave in a large ocean but please realize that the Cliven Bundy story was the #1 story in the country for several days running, in spite of the mainstream media. We were a small part of that. It surely wasn’t the obligatory 30 seconds of airtime from the big networks each night or the occasional blurb in a mainstream publication that turned the tide.

Nope. It was sites like Infowars and later Drudge Report that brought this home. I am so honored to be associated with Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars. When I approached him to ask about featuring his articles he was as gracious as they come. I have never cared about having exclusives on D.C. Clothesline. I just want people to get the truth. So Monday it started for us. Infowars broke this story and we shadowed them as best we could. As of today we have printed over 20 articles about the situation in Nevada in the last 5 days. I have been going on little sleep and getting info out as best as I could, even when I had to write it (which isn’t always easy in this household). 🙂

I am a mess and I feel like I could sleep for 3 days. But it was worth it.

Even a bench player like me can celebrate when the team wins and win we did. Just don’t forget the Coach. 🙂 All great teams have a great Coach.

Obviously, it wasn’t just the alternative media. The fact is that the constitution-loving people of this country finally stood up and they stood the right way. The alternative media is kind of like the modern day Paul Revere. We are messengers, but unless people are willing to pick up muskets, nothing happens.

I have taken some grief over not wanting to fully support the coming “American Spring” but the Nevada situation just proved what many have been saying all along. The government will not read your signs and hang on every word that is shouted through your megaphone. They will not respond positively to your letters and petitions. They laugh at your demands, unless those demands are backed by leverage. They don’t care about doing the right thing.

We are dealing with some bad people.

Bad people don’t respond when you pleasantly ask them to do what is right. You can’t appeal to their conscience. They respond when you have some form of leverage that can hurt them. You have to play their game to some extent.

The prospect of thousands of militia members, Patriots, cowboys, constitutional sheriffs and Oath Keepers left the federal government with very little choice. They needed to back down. If they didn’t then this could have escalated to unknown levels and the bloodshed and bad PR would have been very damaging to their agenda.

What we also learned is that guns are not the only form of leverage. Senator Harry Reid probably doesn’t know what hit him at this point. Infowars broke the story yesterday and the Associated Press followed suit. To prolong this would have made a lot of government insiders look very bad. In the end, all of this was likely caused by a deal made with the Chinese to open a solar operation on that land. That’s no big surprise to those of us who are awake.

The alternative media broke the story. I did my part by writing about it at 3AM this morning, just hoping it would put the story in front of a few more people. Others did their part by spreading the word from dozens of websites that carried some version of the story.

The federal government was caught red handed and exposed for their real motives.

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Between the bad PR of messing with an American rancher over a land deal with the Chinese, and the thought of thousands of guns being pointed in their direction, the Feds backed down.

And they will back down again if we simply remember what we learned today.

The American people are still in charge when they are not too apathetic to stand for what is just. I think we all need to reflect on what happened, because it is proof that we still have the power to force change in this country, no matter how corrupt our elected and appointed servants have become.

Tyrants bleed too.

We have to turn this into momentum and begin taking larger steps to make this country into what it can be.

Don’t ever tell me that the 2nd amendment is for deer hunting. What happened in Nevada is exactly what it is for. And if you don’t understand that, just stay out of our way.

We have seen proof that it works now and we will not hesitate to take control again.

We don’t want to shoot anyone. We only want to guarantee that we are represented fairly. If it takes a loaded gun to guarantee that right then so be it.

I would like to thank each and every one of you who did your part, no matter how large or small. Pat yourself on the back and cherish this small victory. We are a team. We will win united or die divided.

The road is going to be tough but today I believe that we saw evidence that we can still win. I don’t know how long it will take. There is much work to be done. But I do know it’s possible.

The truth shall set us free.