John-Belushi-collegeWe all know what incest is. It is the mating of people within the same family, i.e., of inbreeding. Incest and inbreeding are a readily recognized cause of imbecility. It is not the only cause, but it is a proven one. This is true of academic incest, as well as with genetics. If you search the web for a definition of academic inbreeding, you will find it describes people whose educations all come from one place of learning, one university or from one set of professors. But I suggest a wider definition: The process of studying only the same ideology or pseudo-philosophy as though no other exists.

Universities are supposed to be places where genuine learning occurs, where the atmosphere of academic freedom abounds for intellectual stimulation, experimentation, inquiry, debate and speculation. In other words, universities are supposed to be portals to the universe of truth, knowledge and wisdom. We are not speaking here of the professional training one may get in, say, law, medicine, or one of the hard sciences. We are speaking here of what is called Liberal Arts education.

Let’s clarify something very important. A liberal arts education is not the same as an education in which one is taught liberal ideology. A liberal arts education ponders the central problems of philosophy and ethics, and provides the seminal lessons of history, literature, mathematics, the social and physical sciences. The central theme of a liberal arts education is objective inquiry, to hear and reason the arguments and ideas presented from as many sides as possible. Without academic diversity there is no objective inquiry

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A university education is supposed to provide the tools for an intellectual life, an ongoing process of thought, of the development and expansion of ideas and of ongoing self-learning, with relentless and fearless inquiry and expansion of experience and knowledge. One’s participation in the process contributes to a vast, available repository of knowledge and wisdom that can be passed on to future generations and is which then will be added to by them. Thus, a university education should be a fertile ground for eternal perpetuation of knowledge and wisdom. Without diversity there is no objectivity and without objectivity, no argument can be reasonable. Without reason there is no intelligence and an unintelligent person must be deemed an imbecile.

Nowadays, too many college campuses are dominated by inbred academics who promote the tired, worn-out and utterly failed notions of Leftist Liberal ideology despite Socialism’s century-long proven record of failure, repression and ultimate rejection by entire societies. These inbred academics are the white coated “mad scientists” keeping its defunct cells alive like a brain floating in a jar of murky fluid. They suppress free thought and intellectual inquiry and even punish those who oppose their closed minded views with the weapon of Political Correctness. Thus they engage in academic incest inbreeding leading to intellectual imbecility. Why? Because they themselves have been infected with the disease of Social-Liberalism and in the degenerate structure of their minds, the ghost still haunts, like the fumes of a corpse that will not lie down and die properly.

This situation is unlikely to persist, because the very decay of their absurd ideas will eventually cause collapse from its own weight. Like socialism itself, its ideologues will flee the ship once they realize it is sinking. Even now, that is beginning to happen. Alternative avenues for obtaining an education, private and online schools calling themselves universities and many technical schools are proliferating and, for many people who want a real education, they are replacing university campuses. For one thing, they do not include the restrictive and expensive requirement of living on campus. And they are free of the doctrinaire academics and intimidating specter of political correctness that provide little incentive to pay enormous sums for the privilege of being indoctrinated.

Universities will have to find a way out of the present situation, because, if they don’t replace intellectual imbecility with true academic and intellectual freedom, a new Dark Ages will descend.

FJ Rocca