Known by some as the "Forgotten Holacaust", millions of Ukrainians, Jews and non-Jews, lost their lives at the hands of the Soviets in 1933.

Known by some as the "Forgotten Holacaust", millions of Ukrainians, Jews and non-Jews, lost their lives at the hands of the Soviets in 1933.
Known by some as the “Forgotten Genocide”, millions of Ukrainians, Jews and non-Jews, lost their lives at the hands of the Soviets in 1933.

One of history’s most vile, repugnant and horrific episodes is repeating itself again. Donetsk Ukraine Jews have been required to “register” or face having their citizenship revoked. In a move characteristic of Hitler’s Third Reich, the pro-Russian forces, who have seized control of the government buildings in Donetsk, are requiring that all Jews identify themselves or face deportation. Their assets can also be confiscated. History repeats itself, whether intelligent men and women believe that it can or not. It is easy to believe that people should learn from the horror of the past, but if there is any truth about human beings, it is that people are evil at their core. Hence, the effort to root out Donetsk Ukraine Jews demonstrates this wickedness. Another Holocaust is around the corner.

The world is united against Israel. Islamists, the citizens of Ukraine, and Russians, to name a few, are gunning for Her. Israel is the Satanic scapegoat for every problem in today’s world. Yes, the world is against her, but She will prevail, against all odds and forces that mankind’s evil can throw at Her.

The news that the Donetsk Ukraine Jews are being forced to register in order to save themselves has come as a shock to many. The documents could not be any more clear.

Jews in an eastern Ukrainian city where pro-Russian separatists have seized government buildings were ordered to “register” with the city, according to Israeli media.

Jewish people in Donetsk told Ynet News, Israel’s largest news website, that they were handed leaflets near a local synagogue telling them to list any property they own and pay a $50 registration fee.

Jews in Donetsk where handed leaflets near a local synagogue that ordered them to register in the city or face deportation.

The truth of the matter is that a Neo-Nazi government had been installed in Ukraine, as reported in March 2014. As reported by Global Research, “The forbidden truth is that the West has engineered –through a carefully staged covert operation– the formation of a proxy regime integrated by Neo-Nazis. Confirmed by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, key organizations in the Ukraine including the Neo-Nazi party Svoboda were generously supported by Washington: “We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals. … We will continue to promote Ukraine to the future it deserves.”

In February, Russia said the Ukraine protesters were “Neo-Nazis.” From all appearances today, the pro-Russian forces are in the thick of it, with both sides sprouting propaganda. Fascism works both ways, and believing one side over the other is impossible. Regardless, this is a coordinated crackdown on Donetsk Ukraine Jews. Nothing else matters at this point.

The flyers — signed by Denis Pushilin, who identifies himself as chairman of the industrial city’s temporary government — warned that those who refuse the order will “have their citizenship revoked, face deportation and see their assets confiscated,” according to the website.

The missive claims that the group was targeted because of Jewish support for a Ukrainian independence movement at the end of World War II.

Pushilin later confirmed that the leaflets were distributed under his group’s name, but denied any connection to them.

The material is very anti-Semitic and reminds me of the kind of material distributed by the Nazis in World War II,” Alex Tenzer, a Kiev native who serves as a director for the National Association of Immigrants in Israel, told the website.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said it was “grotesque and beyond unacceptable” that Jews were ordered to identify themselves.

It was still not immediately clear who distributed the chilling flyers.

The Ukraine is in crisis, and in this situation, both Ukrainian forces and Russia blame each other for blatant Anti-Semitism. The war of the words began in March. As reported in February 2014, by, “The most worrisome and largely overseen factor of the ongoing Ukrainian tragedy, to me, is the mighty Neo-Nazi presence among the opposition hard-core militants from ultra-right nationalistic parties and movements. The threat posed by those forces should be not under-estimated, especially in the context of rapidly rising ultra-national forces all over Europe, the current, new, ugly ‘fashion.’

Ukraine’s WWII legacy is one of close Nazi collaboration, one that many in the region would like to bury. But it will not go away. Today it’s rearing its ugly, totalitarian head.

We do not know if the leaflet was spread by pro-Russian forces or someone else, but it did manage to create quite a fear,” Olga Reznikova, 32, who is Jewish, told Ynet News.

This reminds me of texts from darker times.”

The “darker times” are here. As Islamists and the rest of the world close in on the Jewish state, the end result will look like a mirror image of the Holocaust, but there is light in the darkness.

Isaiah 43:1-2But now the Lord Who made you, O Jacob, and He Who made you, O Israel, says, “Do not be afraid. For I have bought you and made you free. I have called you by name. You are Mine! When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. When you pass through the rivers, they will not flow over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned. The fire will not destroy you.”

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