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Updated 4-29-14: It has come to my attention that some of the Oath Keepers who are reported to have left Bunkerville did not. They left the Bundy Ranch temporarily but regrouped at a local motel. This certainly changes the complexion of the story. Falling back to a perceived safe spot is much different than running home. -Dean

Last week we printed a short article with a report from a concerned Patriot in Bunkerville. The gentleman was concerned that a mole was in their midst and seeking to turn supporters against each other. The latest report I get is that, whether a mole is present or not, paranoia seems to be setting in rapidly. Paul Joseph Watson reported last week that some idiots were taking to twitter to suggest a drone strike on the Bundy Ranch. Who would have thought that we would be seriously talking about that this week?

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Again, I am going to keep my source secret until given the green light. The man I have been talking to is somewhat high profile and giving any clue of who he is might cause him problems. Here is the latest email I received:

Things at camp bundy are deteriorating quickly.  Bundy has taken charge of things, or his bodyguard Ryan.  They are now running oatkkeepers out and bringing in militia to train under the “Bundy Flag”.  Oathkeepers received a call 2 nights ago telling them there was an imminent drone strike and to clear out.  Turns out they were bringing militia in as they left.  A couple of fist fights actually broke out and weapons were drawn.

1 of 2 things is happening.  The spook inside this thing is trying to break apart the biggest most organized “militia” on the scene or Cliven Bundy is trying to form an army for whatever reason.

I don’t know, this thing is taking on wierdness that is hard to explain.  It has done serious damage to the oathkeepers ranks, some of the best and brightest have already left.

If this is how easy it is to break us up can we ever fight them on any front??

Scary indeed.

Drone strikes? Oath Keepers leaving?

Those are some serious developments. Despite the fact that I have a lot of faith in my source I had to check this out.

I found several sources were reporting that Oath Keepers were in fact being warned of a possible drone strike. That does not mean that such strike was actually authorized or even discussed. The Liberty Beacon reports:

Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath-Keepers, responds – They are treating it just like they would a bomb threat in a school, and attempting to confirm and also contact the Governor of Nevada. There is talk of evacuation. Leslie Bishop Paul: “Here is the complete interview with Stewart Rhodes. Yes, our sources …have been told that the DOD has approved a drone strike on the ranch. We do not know if this is to get people worked up enough to clear out, or if they actually intend to proceed. Please listen to the complete interview to understand what was said, how we are approaching this, how it was vetted, etc ~ Leslie, National FB Coordinator for Oath Keepers.” MAKE THIS VIRAL !!!

Please watch this video …

TLB: This strike reported to take place in the next 48 hours would be the straw that broke the Camels back to the liberty movement and Many of the American people … Can even our government be that stupid (I would like to believe not), or is this intended to facilitate violence from us to bring about a martial law scenario … We know their motto is “Never let a good crisis go to waste” … So is this disinformation to get the boots on the ground to evacuate the scene so that BLM people can move in Waco style, or is it absolute bull to have us put out false info and destroy our credibility.

First and foremost I have to say that I don’t believe that our government is ready to go there. That is my opinion. However, if they were looking to separate the wheat from the chaff, a rumor of a drone strike would be a good way to start. If people are really running at the suggestion of a drone strike then it would appear that they were not ready to die after all. With that said, I don’t know how many left and how many are still there.

I am quite honestly stunned at these developments. Anyone who goes to Bunkerville needs to be prepared to expire there. So for small scale panic to set in like this, I am simply baffled. Oath Keepers is a good organization, but if it ends up being a case of them being intimidated with scare tactics then the organization may suffer a black eye that will be hard to get rid of.

It am not trying to pile on, but just to give you an idea… From the Trenches reported:

Wade called in from Bunkerville and reported that Stewart Rhodes and his Oath Keepers received a tip suggesting an imminent drone strike on the Bundy Ranch.  Oath Keepers ran from the scene like frightened children.  

The people in Bunkerville need to remain strong. Whether it be Harry Reid’s “domestic terrorists” comment or a rumor of a drone strike that may or may not be real, the people need to understand that the enemy will get into their heads anyway they can.

This is not a game. Though I doubt that drone strikes on American soil are in the near future, the threat of force must be expected. I’m not sure what people are thinking.

Anyone who wants to defend the Bundy Ranch needs to understand that they could die there. Raising panic within the ranks is not helping anyone. If people ran because of this information or misinformation then they likely don’t need to be there.

That’s just the opinion of a guy who is sitting in front of a keyboard. So take it for what it’s worth. I would like to think I would have stayed in a similar situation but there is nothing worse than a back seat Patriot.

I do know that this is not the same statement of strength that has been coming from Bunkerville and if more militia and a more concrete chain of command is what it will take to fix it, then that has to be done.

48 hours have passed since this story first surfaced and there has been no drone strike. I won’t say there is not one coming, but I know how it looks from here. If I had a drone, and intended to strike, I wouldn’t be announcing it.

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For all of those who are currently in Nevada or have spent any time there at all… Thank You for standing up for America.

Please pray for the Patriots who are standing for us.