end timesWith all that’s going on in the world economically, politically, religiously, and spiritually Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News asks, “Is the beast among us?”

Are we headed for global financial enslavement because of the greed and the want of more power and money by corporate special interests?

Or are we literally heading into the prophesied end times? Are we headed into the End of Days on planet earth?

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Just a few years ago it would be absolutely ludicrous for the generation before us if they heard the things that were happening now…  if they heard that drones are going to be in the air, 30,000+ plus in the next few years… if they knew that the NSA or other so-called intelligence agencies were spying on the people of this land they would have completely lost their mind… they would have never, ever believed it possible in just a few decades time…

But now it’s accepted.

Now everybody walks around with a cell phone that can be complete trapped… Now people are walking around with RFID chips implanted in their credit cards or their passport… It’s just common practice.

And we’re being sold every single day that in order to be safe we have to partake in these kinds of measures.

So, it is not a far reach that the technology, as it advances… the potential to be injected with an RFID chip or some other kind of technology is not only going to be a potential… it’s already here. And it’s going to be voluntary at the beginning…

But we have seen time and time again how your personal freedom, how your rights, how your privacy is no longed relevant if it’s on the heels of an emergency.

When you look at it in its totality… you really could make the argument that we’re rapidly on a freight train that’s heading to a very, very dark place on planet earth. Some are going to call it End Times… some are going to call it Christian prophecy coming to fruition… and some are going to call it a really, really bad time to be alive on planet earth…

But the truth cannot be hidden. If you have eyes to see you can see the path that we are on.

While the notion that humanity is in its End Times is an argument that has been made throughout the last two thousands years (and before), the idea may not be so far fetched. Author Tom Horn, who predicted the unprecedented resignation of the Vicar of Christ Pope Benedict XVI nearly a year prior to the Vatican’s announcement, has also suggested that the melding of human and machine is a powerful sign that the world is in for what is shaping up to be a rocky century, because not only are we merging one with the other, but we are creating a new “species” in the process.

As Charlie noted in his commentary, there always seems to be some sort of  crisis and each one has been used to further enslave the population of the world. Pastor Horn broaches this subject matter as well, suggesting that a future event will be used as a pretext for an attempt to centralize global power under one leader who will be presented to the world as a savior and that perhaps this person will be the Anti-Christ who signals the end of days. The Book of Revelation certainly paints a dark picture of these events and Horn uses dozens of ancient texts and interpretations to support the case that the age in which we are living will bring massive changes to our world.

But Tom Horn and Charlie McGrath aren’t the only ones who view the events of today as a prelude of what’s to come. The late Catholic priest Father Malachi Martin, a truly brilliant mind who advised two popes and was a student of archaeology, Semitic languages and ancient history, suggested in a 1996 radio interview that the devil is alive and well deep within the halls of the Vatican and that those who have turned to evil are working closely with elements of what those of us outside of the inner circle of the Church elite would refer to as the New World Order.

And what is the ultimate goal of those working to globalize control and centralize leadership? According to Father Malachi, it’s just what you would expect: the acquisition of money and power. And this evil pervades everything from the Church and top tier political offices to banks and the general population worldwide.

Keep in mind that Father Malachi is one who has not only sat with the inner circle, he had access to highly secretive documents and historical texts from which he draws on, so he’s not just theorizing on what might be going on behind the scenes.

The following assessment from Malachi is quite fascinating considering it was made nearly two decades ago before his death (which itself occurred under suspicious circumstances). He’s a well versed theologian, yet he, like many of us, was very attune to the global nature of what we might refer to as “The Beast.”

This organization… I’m talking about the visible organization… from the Pope down to the local Parish priets… it’s a facade… there is no longer an evangilization taking place… there is no longer any vibrancy… life has gone out of the system… as well as hope… the system is shot.

The third secret [of Fatima] interpreted on its face value, without going into the details of it, implies that the New World Order now being installed… between you, me and the Holy Spirit, it is installed in its grand lines now… is definitely something that will not last and is unacceptable to God…because this New World Order is built on money… it’s built on the regulation of capital and the flow of capital and the flow of capital goods… in the hands of the elite… outside of which no country or nation can live.

No nation can live without participating in this New World Order.

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Take it for what you will. There are scores of historical texts that describe the events we see playing out before us.

Is it the End Times?

That remains to be seen. On this matter Jesus was clear with his disciples, “about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven.”

What we do know is that there exists a great evil throughout the world, as highlighted by Malachi Martin. It undoubtedly sits at the upper echelons of our society and governing bodies, and it wants more control and power. It will stop at nothing to get it.

Human tracking technology may well be The Mark of Biblical prophecy, but as Charlie McGrath succinctly notes “The Beast” must be viewed in its totality.

You better be aware of what’s happening in your world… and try to take a bigger view… and that’s myself included… it isn’t just one single issue here or there… are we on a path as a planet for a very, very dark time on planet earth?

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Mac Slavo is the Editor of SHTFplan.com