The thing is, he’s right. Sharia does give him that right.

“Man allegedly claims Islamic Law gives him to right to kill wife,” By Kim Schriner, FOX 10 News, April 28, 2014

AVONDALE, Ariz. – Police say a valley man threatened to kill his wife, telling his victim “Islamic Law” gave him the right to kill her.

Ansar Muhammad, 43, is facing several charges, including assault and imprisonment.

According to the police report, on April 26, Muhammad sexually assaulted the victim, held her against her will while threatening to kill her, punched and strangulated her, causing physical injuries at their home near 112th Avenue and Encanto Boulevard.

Police say the victim fled to a neighbor’s home to call them after the suspect fell asleep.

Muhammad was detained outside his residence upon police arrival and refused to make any statements.

In the report, police say their investigation determined that Muhammad and the victim were arguing about her having an affair when “Ansar picked the victim up, carrying her like a baby and put her in their vehicle against her will.”  He then proceeded to drive to the rear of a nearby Walgreens store where “Ansar began to assault the victim by punching her multiple times, leaving physical injuries on her face, neck, back, chest and legs.”

When the victim continued to try to get away and told him to stop, police say he told the victim he was going to kill her because he had the right due to his “Islamic Belief.”

The victim told police Muhammad then drove back to their home and threatened to throw her in a lake because she can’t swim.  When they arrived at the residence, Muhammad told the victim to remain quiet and not wake their three children before taking her phone, per the police report.

Muhammad was arrested and booked into the Avondale city jail and later transported to the Maricopa County jail.  He faces aggravated assault domestic violence-impede breathing, assault-intent/reckless/injury, unlawful imprisonment, threatening-intimidation with injury and sexual assault charges.

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