destruction of americaIt’s amazing to me how this administration has any credibility left with the American people. In the America I once lived in, there was a sleeping giant that stood vigilant, jealously guarding our liberties as if they were the most precious of jewels. An administration that has lied and attempted to subvert the Constitution as often as this one, would be called out and humiliated by a press corps that understood its duty in protecting the First Amendment. Not in this America; the country we live in today is unrecognizable, and besides, that only happens when Republicans lie, cheat and steal. Instead of guarding liberty, the masses have been conditioned, through the same propaganda used by tyrants all throughout the twentieth century, to hate their own culture and discredit the very system that grants them the liberty to do so. The liberal’s attitude towards America and the Constitution is the perfect example of “biting the hand that feeds you.”

Every single day, we face a barrage of psychological propaganda and conditioning, designed to ensure, at the very least, that the growing patriot movement has no credibility. This is a war for public sympathy, and the government is going to great lengths to ensure that the average citizens are afraid of guns and everything patriotic. Every day there is a shooting reported in the news, unless of course, it is a good guy using a gun to stop a crime. We all know this happens far more than the rate guns are used to murder. All of us know this, except the targeted population of their mind control agenda: our children.

This psychological brainwashing is occurring in more ways than most people would like to realize. It was no coincidence that the Bundy ranch incident and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine happened at the same time. Now, with reports of pro-Russian separatists, being reported by King Obama as “well armed militia,” having the power to shoot down helicopters, the desired mental association will start to take effect. They are calling them “militia” for a reason folks. That reason is because we have militia members who showed up to defend a man’s rights against a terrorist government that threatened to take them by force. The patriot movement in America simply must be destroyed, and world events will contribute to its destruction. The Bundy Ranch “standoff” and the developing war in Europe will be used to usher in the new order.

I also don’t understand how Americans are not concerned about a supreme court that refused to hear a challenge to the NDAA, which as we know, enables the military to indefinitely detain anyone who has been classified as a terrorist. As Dean Garrison correctly points out, this essentially means that this law and its enforcement can likely never be challenged. With the government trying to convince the unwashed masses that those defending liberty are the terrorists, you have to wonder when the trains are going to come rolling through, and who will have the intestinal fortitude to resist being thrown on board. This is where Americans need to think long and hard, because we are all related to someone who loves this nation, served in the military, spoke out against Obama, and in some way, falls under the government’s new definition of terrorism.

While we are being classified as terrorists for loving our country, real Islamic terrorism is on a relentless rampage, slaughtering Christians overseas. How does our government respond to this? By trying to pass legislation that would see us stand accused of hate speech for telling the truth about Islam, of course. Never mind that Muslims are preaching in our own country, that the lives and property of infidels can be taken by Muslims in jihad. That doesn’t bother liberals though, because they believe in “multiculturalism,” you see they are so sophisticated, that they view us as bigots for opposing the idea that a Muslim can legally murder his wife under sharia law. This is due to fear of being labeled intolerant and racist, and not having the courage to reach down and grab hold of your guts and speak up. Guess what America? If standing against this garbage makes me intolerant, then so be it! Some things are simply intolerable.

Every day we move closer to the inevitable destruction of this country, and every single day I wake up to realize how few people actually care. Most people become so consumed with the entertainment propaganda machine that constantly feeds their brains, they begin to think its reality. They have been conditioned to accept whatever the “perceived authority figure” is telling them. Unfortunately, for many Americans, that authority figure has been the main stream media. Now, many Americans watch in horror as the country slips away into the hands of despots, as those that have been conditioned to believe anything a charismatic leader says and cheer on the country’s demise in the name of “fairness.” They have been taught all throughout school that America is the evil empire, that they can’t even see they are being lied to, they just blindly follow and they can’t see how close to edge of the cliff they have been led.

David Risselada is a freelance writer and researcher. David served in the United States Marine Corps from 1995-1999 and the US Army from 2001-2006. In addition to contributing to, he writes at Radical Conservative. Follow David on Twitter.

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