I receive a lot of mail. The most heartbreaking letters, of course, are from Muslims in Muslim countries who have left Islam or question Islam, and their intellectual freedom is met with violence from family members and friends. They write to cry for help. I get a few of those emails a week, and I help each one the best I can. Notice how they aren’t writing CAIR for help.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Ali Sina for helping me handle the most difficult and gruesome of those letters. In a number of instances, Ali has gotten a number of  these victims who have written to me out of their countries and to safe harbor.

This email is of a different nature. The journey of this young woman, whose name I have changed  for obvious reasons, is all too common, but little told. It is difficult to break free from the institutionalized thinking, reinforced in every corner of the our culture, concerning Islam. Those who challenge the propagandist narrative are smeared and libeled. Few take the risk.

I salute this “escapee.” Her note to me is a declaration of freedom and an invitation to others to question their premise and not be afraid to think.

Hello Pamela Geller,

I recently came across your website thanks to Ali Sina who has mentioned you a couple of times on his blog. My story is on his blog under “I was in a relationship with a Muslim”. I have been watching a lot of your interviews and your debates with Muslims and I have learned so much from you and Ali Sina. When I hear you speak about the dangers of Islam, I sometimes fear for your life because I know how aggressive Muslims can be. I dated one for 3 years. I have learned a lot more about Islam by watching your videos and reading Ali Sina’s blog (within 2 months) than my 3 years relationship with my ex Muslim boyfriend. I was taught never to judge others’ religion and culture. I took Cultural Anthropology, World Religion, Philosophy, Social Environment classes and I have the Quran at home. In school, professors makes Islam and all other religions seem very peaceful and I guess it has a lot to do with freedom of religion and ethics. During those 3 years I use to believe that Islam was indeed peaceful, my Ex convinced me that it was very peaceful… but I never believed it was perfect. No religion is perfect in my mind.

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I am a Psychology major, while taking psychology courses I realized that Islam created people who are ignorant, dependent and selfish. I started to slowly realize that I was dating a massive manipulator. His logic made no sense to me. I couldn’t question Muhammad or Allah, and when I did, he would go ballistic.

At times he was very sweet and kind but I felt like Islam limited his mind. He was afraid to make his own choices. Everything was a sin. I use to believe women who covered themselves were very committed and loving to their religion and happy. Many of the things you have said really has helped me move on. You have convinced me to the point in which I truly believe Islam IS a cult.

I use to be naive and defend Islam because of all the “Stereotype”.

I was a willing victim to my ex boyfriend and to Islam. I was willing to move with him to Saudi Arabia, Thanks god I didn’t. The amount of prejudice and racism in that culture is incredible. I know for a fact that my ex hates Jews with passion and had no idea what the holocaust was. Even after showing him pictures of dead Jews and dead children during the holocaust, he would twist the topic and talk about the Palestinians who were suffering due to the Jews.

Islam brainwashes people. Everything in Islam goes against Psychology. It is highly impossible to have a stable mindset while raised in that culture. You don’t have a voice in that culture and religion. It took me a long time to start healing because I had a very strong love for my ex, even now after a year, I sometimes cry at night.

I see you as a mother and a hero. Your bravery is astonishing because I know you must get millions of death threats and criticism. I honestly don’t know how you handle it but it takes a strong person to do what you do.

Hearing you speak and fight against Islam is very important, not only for me, but to the world. I had no Idea how bad Islam was until I dated a Muslim man. My ex had some good qualities and it made me damn sad that he had such strong hold on Islam. I hate Islam because there are potential good people in Islam but the more they are controlled by their faith, the more inhuman they become. It is an honor to write to such a strong woman such as yourself. I wish I could help fight against Islam. The stories I hear from Muslim women breaks my heart and it angers me that it is the norm in the middle east. I wish I would live long enough to see the day Islam is banned from the globe. It might be wishful thinking but Islam is too dangerous. These stories I have read and watched on you tube about women being murdered due to Islam makes me appreciate my life even more. I was stupidly willing to give up my freedom to move to Saudi Arabia. So many women over there would wish to take my place, I took my freedom for granted.

God Bless you  🙂

Pamela Geller is the Editor of