Conservatives half-jokingly call liberalism a mental disorder.

But I say the disorder of liberals/Progressives/Democrats is not psychological, but spiritual and moral. Here’s more evidence that unmasks the Left as the monsters they are. (Go to ‘See also’ at end of this post for other evidence of the Left’s pathology.)

monsterOn the night of September 11, 2012 — the 11th anniversary of the 9-11 attack on America — Muslim jihadists attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

FOUR AMERICANS were killed:

  1. U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens
  2. State Department Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith
  3. Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods
  4. Former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty

Benghazi 4On September 23, 2012, on CBS’s 60 MinutesBarack Obama, President of the United States, callously referred to the Benghazi attack as mere “bumps in the road” for the U.S. in the Middle East.

On Jan 23, 2013, testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the Obama administration’s lie that the Benghazi attack was a spontaneous protest against an obscure anti-Islamic video, Hillary Clinton, the outgoing Secretary of State, dismissively said “What difference does it make?

Here’s the latest example of a Democrat monster.

Trish CauseyTrish Causey, who calls herself “an activist artist,” is a Democratic candidate to represent Mississippi’s 4th district in the U.S. House of Representatives.

On May 4, 2014, Causey tweeted this (h/t Infowars):

According to Urban Dictionary, a “fluffer” is “a person in the adult entertainment industry whose job it is to give male porno stars blowjobs in order to get them ready to perform.”

Trisk Causey LinkedInOn her LinkedIn page, Causey can’t even correctly spell the name of the California city of Palo Alto, even though she claims to have received her “education” there.

Pathetic. Just pathetic.

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Dr. Eowyn’s article first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds.