By June 15, if the POS has his way, the ATF will begin a nationwide registry of all gun owners.

The ATF is a bureau within Obama’s Department of inJustice — the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

freedom & gunsAn alert from Joe Otto of Conservative Daily, May 9, 2014:

When an individual purchases a firearm from a licensed dealer (FFL), the FBI performs a background check. That data is supposed to be destroyed.This was a fundamental argument against the push for Universal Background Checks because if a background check is mandatory for all gun purchases, and not having a background check is a punishable offense, the Federal government would need to be able to verify whether firearm transfers were done correctly. The only way to accomplish that is through a universal gun registry.

The ATF has quietly been preparing to start a new gun registry that will create a record anytime someone purchases more than two firearms at the same time. Why does the ATF want these records? They say it is necessary for “National Security.”

Currently, if you live in California, Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas and you try to purchase two or more applicable firearms at the same time, a record of your purchase is sent to the ATF for permanent storage. This is currently limited to these southern border states because the program was designed to allegedly catch straw purchasers who were buying guns for Mexican drug cartels. These records are then transferred to law enforcement for the purchasers to be investigated… All because they bought more than one gun at a time.

The problem is that this also affects law abiding citizens! Now, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms wants to expand this program to all 50 states! This must be stopped! The federal government has no right to know what firearms law abiding citizens are buying.

There’s a reason that gun owners don’t want a national gun registryThere are only two reasons that the government begins compiling lists of people. Either they want to tax them or they want to punish them. Every time that a government has created a list of gun owners in the past 100 years, that list was eventually used to confiscate civilian owned firearms!

The Gun Control Act of 1968 forces firearm dealers to report to the ATF whenever an individual purchases two or more handguns. This antiquated law predates the Supreme Court ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller that determined handgun ownership to be a constitutional right, so chances are it would be overturned if brought before the courts.

Starting in 2011, the ATF began forcing gun dealers in southern border states to report any time someone bought multiple rifles. Any individual who purchases two or more semiautomatic rifles in these border states must be reported to the ATF. The Federal government will then investigate these individuals to determine whether they are gun traffickers.

Now, Barack Obama and the ATF are going to expand this firearm registry program to the entire country without a single member of congress having a sayTucked deep within the Federal Registry, the ATF announced on April 15th that this new regulation would go into effect in two months time.

Remember when Obama promised that he would go around Congress whenever possible to push for new gun control? This is exactly what he meant and the mainstream media isn’t even covering it!

What right does the Obama administration have to record firearm purchases? The President couldn’t successfully ban AR-15s and other so-called “Assault Weapons,” so now the administration is going to record whenever citizens buy more than one of these rifles at a time.

There are plenty of legal and lawful reasons for individuals to buy multiple firearms at a time. The Obama administration has no business recording any of these transactions! If a law-abiding citizen wants to save money and buy multiple firearms at the same time, that is their right and the federal government has no reason to record their private purchases!

Gun control advocates have long complained that there is no way to know how many civilian owned firearms there are because background check data only counts the number of purchases, not the number of firearms on each receipt. Make no mistake, this isn’t about gun trafficking. This new regulation is about figuring out who owns these so-called “assault weapons” so that when the time comes, the government knows what doors to knock on in order to confiscate the guns!

This must be stopped! Whether Americans buy one gun or a hundred guns at a time is absolutely none of the government’s business. And the fact that the ATF will actively investigate individuals just because they buy firearms in bulk is despicable! When will this stop? If it is acceptable for the government to record when someone buys two firearms, what will stop them from lowering that benchmark to one and creating a universal gun registry? What is stopping the ATF from creating a registry of people who buy ammunition or prepping supplies in bulk?

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The only thing stopping this tyranny is YOU! The ATF announced this new program on April 15. No media outlet covered it and we are almost halfway through the public comment period. If Congress does not stop the ATF from infringing on our rights and recording our firearm purchases, this new regulation will be enacted!

Congress must stop this new regulation from being entered into force but they won’t do anything unless you force them to!

fight for your rights

Here are the toll free nos. to the Congressional switchboard:

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Dr. Eowyn’s article first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds.