Rand Paul started to show his true colors in 2013 when he endorsed establishment Republican Mitch McConnell.

Rand Paul started to show his true colors in 2013 when he endorsed establishment Republican Mitch McConnell.
Rand Paul may have started to show his true colors last year when he endorsed establishment Republican Mitch McConnell. Do politics come before principles with Senator Paul?

As has been stated before, America needs more statesmen, those interested in upholding the law of the land and founding principles of this country, less politicians. Pandering politicians, whether toward the party line or special interest groups, need to go as their policies tend to reflect their rhetoric. It has come out that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), the once Libertarian candidate, has now criticized Republican efforts to require individuals provide voter-identification at the ballot box before voting. The reason for Paul’s stance is it is offending people and turning voters away from the Republican Party.

In Paul’s own words from the New York Times, “Everybody’s gone completely crazy over this voter ID thing. I think it’s wrong for Republicans to go too crazy on this issue because it’s offending people.”

Sen. Paul now sounds more like a liberal, tree-hugging, low-information supporter of Obama than someone who is committed to the founding principles of this country and supporter of the Constitution. Obamacare requires individuals to provide identification and to obtain a Social Security card requires identification. Paul sounds like he’s changed positions, thinking that it’s somehow discriminatory to expect individuals, who are exercising their voting privilege, to provide identification.

Paul, with his stance on voter-identification, also indicated that his concern was restoring the rights of convicted felons in regards to voting.

According to Sen. Paul, “The bigger issue actually is whether you get to vote if you have a felony conviction. There’s 180,000 people in Kentucky who can’t vote. And I don’t know the racial breakdown, but it’s probably more black than white because they’re convicted felons. And I’m for getting their right to vote back, which is a much bigger deal than showing your driver’s license.”

Really, Sen. Paul? There are many American who do not drive, cannot drive and/or do not see the need to have a driver’s license. However, every State should have some procedure in place to obtain identification since ID is required for many transactions in this country. Evidently, Sen. Paul has never had to present ID at the doctor’s office along with his insurance card to verify his identity nor does Sen. Paul remember that ID is required to apply for many social programs, along with Obamacare.

As always, one must check the context in which the statements by Sen. Paul were made. According to the New York Times, Sen. Paul is stopping in Democratic stronghold cities and areas while on a cross-country tour. That seems to explain Paul’s change in stance on voter-identification.

While in Memphis, Paul stayed away from mentioning voting rights when addressing a Republican audience but offered a message regarding the Republican Party. Sen. Paul contends, “the party needed to soften its edges and show more sympathy to populations that have felt overlooked and maligned by Republicans.” It sounds like Sen. Paul is pandering for votes.

It comes as no surprise that Sen. Paul would issue such statements or make such a stance since he is expected to make a bid for the presidency in 2016. In order to do that, Sen. Paul has chosen to engage in rhetoric to garner votes instead of standing on principles, values and love of the US Constitution. Sen. Paul wants “feelings” now to be important; Republicans need to “soften,” show “sympathy” for those who “feel” overlooked and maligned.

The question is “how much softer can Republicans get?” Republicans have already demonstrated they are about as tough as heated pudding while Democrats demonstrate their “tough as rocks” stance against the patriotic citizenry that respects, upholds and defends the law of the land. Does anyone actually think that continually stepping back away from the rule of law moves a country forward? Does anyone actually think compromising principles actually improve their standing?

To hear Sen. Rand Paul‘s current stance, one would think so. However, disregarding the rule of law leads to the rule of men, exceptions made for one special group or another until there is no governance, but mandates that change with the whim of whoever is highest in charge. Vacillating on one’s principles leads to confusion, an uncertainty, of what stance you should take depending on the atmosphere of attitude at the time until you can’t remember what is truly important anymore. Compromise on one’s own principles and belief systems leads to erosion of one’s self to where you would hardly recognize who you are should you choose to really look.

Sen. Paul has been in Washington, DC for three years now, elected by his constituents on his libertarian stance and more than likely, the reputation of his father. As we have seen, the son is not always like a father. As someone once remarked, “A man may be honest when he goes to Washington, but within three years, he becomes what resides in Washington – if that is corruption, he becomes corrupt. If it is honesty, he remains honest.”

From what has been circulated throughout the media, it is evident that corruption reigns supreme in the nation’s capital: rhetoric and lies abound; self-serving interests more important than law or effects on the people; and a greed and desire to enslave the people so consuming that one would be hard pressed to identify America as “the land of the free.” It would take an exceptional individual, a true statesmen, to resist the temptation to feather one’s own cap, line one’s own pockets, and commit fraud against an entire nation. From what is now being witnessed, it seems Sen. Rand Paul is not so exceptional.

To borrow a question asked by someone, “Where are the men today?”

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.

Suzanne’s article previously appeared at Freedom Outpost.

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