reid1What is it with Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and his obsession with the Koch brothers? Reid’s obsession has infiltrated Senate Democrats to the point Democrats announced they would take steps in the next month in order to change the First Amendment’s free speech protection. The rationale for this step to overturn the First Amendment and Supreme Court precedence is to give Congress the authority to “limit who can spend money in elections and how much they are allowed to spend.”

To understand this horrendous proposal, one must look at the atmosphere in the Senate. Sen. Reid has basically changed the rules in the Senate and exercised strict control over this branch of Congress, “using complex parliamentary maneuvers,” to block the chance for amendments to be introduced first on a bipartisan energy efficiency bill and now tax cuts. Republicans filibustered a tax cut package on Thursday to protest the Democrat’s denial of a chance for amendments to be offered. So, Republicans are not being given a chance to offer or add amendments on bills before the Senate due to Reid’s strategy and Democratic monopoly while Democrats, especially Reid, accuse Republicans of wanting amendments with debate on issues not related to the bill at hand. Republican filibustered the tax cut bill saying representative government is in jeopardy.

Now, since when did Congress ever care about limiting amendments to bills when those amendments had nothing to do with the bill? The bill being debated concerned tax cuts, which Republicans filibustered due to Reid’s lock-down on the Senate. Republicans wanted to withdraw Obamacare subsidies from congressional staff members, repeal a tax on medical devices that was included in Obamacare, and force a vote on building of the Keystone XL pipeline.

According to Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-KY), “At least you have to give them marks for consistency. They are already muzzling our constituents by blocking amendments. Now, they want to muzzle them even more by changing the Bill of Rights. This is completely out of control.”

Meanwhile, Reid accuses Republicans of stalling and blocking the Senate in order to reward the Koch brothers.

Reid stated, “Amending our Constitution is not something any of us should take lightly, but the flood of special interest money in our American Democracy is one of the glaring threats our system of government has ever faced.”

Continuing his rant and obvious obsession, Reid stated, “There is absolutely no question the Koch brothers are in a category of their own. No one else is pumping money into the shadowy campaign organizations and campaigns like they are. There isn’t even a close second. They are doing this to promote issues that make themselves richer.”

Reid contends that his hand was forced in this manner by “heavy spending, reportedly more than $100 million planned, by Koch-related organizations this year.

Reid, and those Democrats who support violating the Constitution’s limit on Congress making laws curtailing the First Amendment’s provision of free speech, say that government should decide “who can spend money in elections and how much they are allowed to spend.” Not surprisingly, this would apply to the average American, candidates, special interest and pressure groups. Of course, everyone can believe the Democrats would make the law equally binding to all.

Didn’t the Democrats pass Obamacare without one single Republican vote and without even reading the bill? Wasn’t their mantra, “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it,” blasted all over the airwaves by none other than California Democrat Nancy Pelosi? Would anyone dare buy into the altruism being peddled to limit an individual’s God-given right to freedom of speech?

While “Dirty” Harry is whining about the Koch brothers to any and everyone who will listen, he conveniently leaves out the shadowy campaign organizations and campaigns that George Soros pours countless millions toward. But of course, you can bet that Reid and his Democrat stooges would somehow make sure that only conservative organizations were affected. In order to garner support for this attack on free speech, Reid is using his obsession with the Koch brothers – an obsession that is bordering on insanity.

Reid will blame everything on the Koch brothers from buying Republican votes to the elastic being too tight in his underwear. If the grass dies on his lawn, you can bet it’s the evil Koch brothers causing a drought through weather manipulation. When his food is under-cooked at his favorite restaurant, it’s because the Koch brothers infiltrated the kitchen. And, somehow or another, if massive World War breaks out, Reid will someone pull the Koch brothers card. Reid will somehow find a way to blame the Koch brothers for anything and everything to further his own agenda.

So, in order to stop the evil of the Koch brothers, never mind that George Soros is probably just as bad or worse, Reid is willing to lawlessly violate the First Amendment of the US Constitution to limit an activity upheld as free speech by the Supreme Court – the right of every American to contribute as much money as they can afford to the candidate of their choice. In Reid’s opinion, along with his Democrat supporters, the government should be telling all Americans who can contribute money, who can’t and how much they can contribute.

Is it true that many of our representatives are being bought and paid for by special interest groups, pressure groups and by millionaires such as Soros and the Koch brothers? No one has to be a rocket scientist to answer that question. Of course, this is happening at all levels of government. One can be sure that Harry “Vegas Mafia” Reid pockets his fair share. However, the answer to the problem is not by violating an individual’s God-given right to free speech which includes monetary campaign contributions.

It is an excuse brought forth by Reid to further engage in lawless, criminal behavior against the American public. The attack on the First Amendment would not be limited to monetary contributions regarding political campaigns by individuals or groups. Why stop there once you’ve gotten your finger into the pie? The Democrats wouldn’t and then Republicans, trying to outdo the Democrats, would start their own addendum to limit the free speech. But, politicians are like bottom-less pits – nothing fills them up – so further limitations on free speech would be forth-coming until eventually, there will be no free speech. The same could be said with the other provisions Congress is not allowed to regulate in the First Amendment.

All the while, these politicians would be pandering rhetoric to Americans reassuring the public that free speech and individual rights are supported as long as there are limits on money contributions, ad nauseum, etc. Remember, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. Period. No one is taking that away from you.”

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While changing the Constitution requires an amendment proposal and then ratification, it has been done in the past with income tax (16th amendment) and the prohibition (18th amendment) limiting the freedom of Americans to keep their earnings safe from the federal government or engage in the partaking of an alcoholic beverage. The 18th Amendment was repealed while the 16th has remained. More importantly, Americans have seen an erosion of the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth amendments by the very government the Constitution limited from imposing on individual and states’ rights. If a change to the First Amendment is usurped, the official fall of the others, especially the Second, is not far behind.

Naturally, a Constitutional amendment would be hinged on three quarters of the States ratifying such nonsense as abridging free speech. But then, is it nonsense considering the atmosphere in some State governments? Connecticut and their gun registration is a good example of a violation of a Constitutional amendment. Considering the lawlessness of those in the federal government, why risk taking it to the states at all? With their unconstitutional alphabet agencies running the show and already infringing on rights, further infringement is a stroke of the pen and/or phone call away.

However, what should be remembered is these representatives who accept money from Soros, special interest groups or the Koch brothers have a choice. They don’t have to accept the contributions from those with agendas; they choose to do so. They choose to do so for various reasons, but the fact remains that they choose it. If in return it means sliding in an addendum to the bill, giving a contributor a modest government job through appointment or casting a vote for a bill to benefit their contributors, they choose to do that in order to remain in their comfortable position, backed by millionaires and special interest while betraying their constituents.

So, while Harry Reid obsesses with the Koch brothers, everyone in American should know by now that both sides of the aisle take contributions from shadowy campaign organizations and campaigns by receiving funds from the millionaire elites and special interest groups in exchange for favors. This is not how it was intended to be nor how it should be. It is what is happening. The solution is not an abridgment of free speech as Reid would contend.

Reid’s obsession is fueling a fire that has swept through the Democrats causing this knee-jerk reaction intended only to be directed at the opposition – not toward themselves. Would “Dirty” Harry cut his nose off to spite his face? Of course not; he just has to stop those evil Koch brothers by any means necessary.

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.

Suzanne’s article previously appeared at Freedom Outpost.