E Ray MooreIn a previous article told you about E. Ray Moore, the true Christian conservative candidate for South Carolina Lieutenant Governor, who is calling for parents to remove their children from the government education system and supports Christian, private and home school education without any strings tied to state or federal funding. “We cannot win this war we’re in as long as we keep handing our children over to the enemy to educate,” Moore said in April at a Liberty Rally in South Carolina. I recently spoke to Mr. Moore to have him expound upon his platform.

I asked Moore about his recent call for “Sola Scriptura” (the Reformer’s cry for Scripture Alone) to fix the Christian right. Moore believes as I do that America does have its roots in Christianity and he pointed to a video debate in which he engaged atheist Herb Silverman on that subject. “Among those who believe that America is a Christian nation, I’m about the only doing that anywhere,” he told Freedom Outpost.

“Government must obey God in its sphere, just as Christians and Churches must obey God in their sphere,” Moore said. “We have jurisdictional spheres and so civil government… the separation of church and state does not mean the separation of God and government. It just means that the civil government has a different sphere, but that they have to obey God in that sphere.”

Moore went on to add, “The idea that we have a secular government and the church is in a separate domain is a false model.”

Sadly, in each of these spheres, there have been great failures.

Dr. Joel McDurmon
recently pointed to Moore’s foreward to Steve Deace and Gregg Jackson‘s book We Won’t Get Fooled Again: Where the Christian Right Went Wrong and How to Make America Right Again. McDurmon cited Moore’s words:

One of the main reasons for this failure is theological, including a refusal to follow long-established biblical principles characteristic of the evangelical movement in other arenas. Sola Scriptura should be followed in the realm of public policy and politics as well as doctrine.

But no, many Christian Right leaders are supremely pragmatic and operate under the lesser-of-two-evils approach when deciding between candidates and issues. . . .

As Paul says in Romans 10:3, it’s a case of “Going about to establish their own righteousness, but have not submitted themselves to the righteousness of God.”

It grieves me to say it, but it appears that many of our Christian Right and pro-family leaders have been naïve and vulnerable to the con artistry of the political establishment in Washington, and especially of the Republican Party. The GOP now has a virtual lock on the Christian and pro-family voter, while doing little to further their agenda except dropping rhetorical crumbs from the table from time to time.

Moore also told us that he believes Two Kingdom theology, which seems to be growing, “leads to a separation of God and government.” This theology has infected many in the Christian church and rendered them impotent in combatting their opposition in the civil sphere.

When I asked him about a recent Huffington Post piece that was written about him and his campaign, he said, “When I looked at it several times, in a way I thought they were begrudgingly showing respect to me. They were hard pressed to find something to criticize. They didn’t agree with me, but…. I think it shows that the Left’s worst nightmare is that Christians would exercise their obedience in educating their children according to biblical commands, in either Christian schools or home schools.”

“If we ever did that in a large scale, it would empty many of their godless, pagan, public schools and would severely weaken their whole movement,” Moore said. “They want us to stay there. So, the Christian community… has the destiny of their children, and the future and destiny of the country in their hands, because if they were to exercise their God-given responsibilities to provide Christian education, it would change the culture.”

Moore didn’t leave out non-Christians either. “Hopefully, non-Christians would come to our schools and be evangelized and we would see the re-Christianization of our culture.”

The potential SC Lt. Governor said that is why his campaign has used the slogan “what once was can be again.” However, Moore said, “That will never happen, until we take a step of obedience, and right now we are feeding their system… feeding the humanist system by turning our children over to pagan education.”

Moore said that is the main point he has been trying to make for the past fifteen years.

The primary is closing fast in South Carolina and E. Ray Moore needs support. His campaign is not just about South Carolina, but he has used his campaign to establish a national debate on education and it has caught fire across the country. If you believe in Moore’s message and would like to help him get his message to a larger audience, please consider donating to his campaign by clicking here. You can also visit his website here and view videos and read some of Moore’s commentary.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost.