Constitution toilet paper

Andrew C. McCarthy is a former top Pentagon official and terrorism expert who prosecuted the so-called “blind sheik,” Omar Abdel Rahman, for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Paul Bedard reports for The Washington Examiner, May 20, 2014, that in his new book, Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s ImpeachmentMcCarthy makes the legal case to impeach Barack Obama for:

  • Destroying the Constitution by picking and choosing which laws to enforce.
  • Using the Internal Revenue Service to harass conservative groups.
  • Making changes to Obamacare that don’t appear legal.

Faithless ExecutionMcCarthy said, “You have to make the public case that the president has to be removed. I’m trying to make it.” He hopes his book can build the political will in Congress and the nation to take the unusual move last used against former President Bill Clinton following the Monica Lewinsky affair.

“The victims are people who care if America is the America of the Constitution,” he said at a small briefing about his book due for release June 3. Amazon is already selling it.

McCarthy said he expects the Left to hit him for suggesting that Obama be impeached, and he conceded that there appears little will to challenge Obama. He joked that even the GOP doesn’t want to elevate Vice President Joe Biden by removing Obama. “He’s the impeachment insurance,” said McCarthy.

But he warned that if Congress and the nation simply turn the other way, Obama will be gifted a “license” to make more potentially “lawless” moves. “I think you are going to see him put the pedal to the metal in a lot of ways,” said McCarthy.

McCarthy’s hope is that just the exercise of building the case for impeachment and publicizing the administration’s pervasive lawlessness could pressure Obama to reverse course and adhere to the law. That is even if the political case for ousting Obama is futile, spotlighting presidential lawlessness could create the political and electoral conditions in which Congress could more effectively counter Obama’s lawlessness.

Faithless Execution, from Encounter Books, includes seven articles of impeachment detailing “President Obama’s willful subversion of the Constitution.” Publisher Roger Kimball said the book is one of his firm’s most important because it details Obama’s “rampant lawlessness.”

Below are 3 of the 7 articles of impeachment:

  1. Refusal to execute laws faithfully. Willful disregard for congressionally enacted, constitutionally valid law, while dictating policy by executive fiat. Including multiple unilaterally decreed amendments to the Affordable Care Act in direct contravention of the law passed by Congress.
  2. Fraud on the American people. Deliberately misled the American people in the enactment and implementation of Obamacare, and on scandals from Fast & Furious to the IRS harassment of conservative groups to the Benghazi massacre.
  3. Failure to execute laws faithfully: Immigration. Granting amnesty through executive edict and refusing to enforce existing immigration laws.


Dr. Eowyn’s article first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds.