Muslim immigration leads to sharia enforcement. As you know, dogs are despised under Islam.

“Somalis in Denmark stone Danish woman and her dog,” TMI, May 26, 2014 (thanks to Bonnie)


from (BING translated)

Denmark. Sara Illum Lund-Jensen, 23, was out walking her dog in Egeparken in Vollsmose, a suburb of Odense when four young Somali men came up to her. The Somalis initially asked questions about her dog’s breed and age before they went to attack on both her and the dog.

– One of them started to kick Kaiser (the dog), which made me really angry … Then another one of them threw a stone against us that hit my dog, “says Sara.

When Sara was trying to protect her dog, she was herself beaten up by the gang. “They beat me to the ground and started kicking me and pushing me in the lake. I lay there with my dog while they threw more stones at us.

She then was thrown into the lake while the gang grinned at her and shouted that her dog is dangerous and illegal. – But it is not true, he is a mixture of amstaff, and labrador, “says Sara.

The gang then disappeared from the scene and an elderly woman helped Sara up from the water.

After the event, a still stunned Sara published a video on Facebook, where she talks about the violent attack.

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