letter to obamaBarack Obama
The White House
Washington, D.C.

Mr. Barack Obama,

I do hope you will overlook my not referring to you as “President” because you are not my president, nor according to my calculations are you the president of the vast majority of Americans; but then We The People count votes differently than do you and your ilk.

Based on my observations of your performance in office thus far, it is clear to me that you have no real comprehension of the concept of “service to country” so I will simply suggest that you quietly retire to your palace; that which was once thought of as “The People’s House” and is now generally thought of only as a ghetto in dire need of urban renewal like Detroit and others that you have single handedly created for your supporters.

Your Memorial Day visit to our troops in Afghanistan was the ultimate disgrace; the most embarrassing that you have ever perpetrated upon our nation thus far; one that I personally found grossly offensive and outrageous. You and your purely academic co-conspirators, who have never held a job or served their country, handcuff our brave men and women and send them into harm’s way and you have the audacity to stand in front of those brave patriots and spew such platitudes? It’s gut-wrenchingly disgusting.

The Veterans Administration scandal – and YES, it is a ‘real‘ scandal – has been a topic of discussion far beyond our borders; I have heard from friends in Europe and the Middle East and they basically shake their heads in disbelief that even a talking head such as yourself would have the audacity to make such a speech in those surroundings. 

You initially ran for office with heartwarming verbal commitments to provide care for our service men and women and our veterans. As a disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran, I can assure you that you have failed in those promises and failed miserably. It took me nine (9) months to get an appointment for a biopsy and then only with the personal intervention of the Director for Veterans Affairs in the State of Nevada. 

The U.S. Government has a long history of using those who serve as “guinea pigs” and we now see that your regime has chosen those of us who have served as a testing ground for your “death panels” being implemented under your signature legislation that you are so proud of – Obamacare.

Thankfully, your reign of terror is nearing its end and We The People would consider it an act of human kindness if you would just quietly retire from the world stage and save this nation any further shame and embarrassment.

You began your tour of terror with a world tour of apology for this nation’s past transgressions. Did you apologize to France and the other European nations for our participation in World War II; for saving them from Nazi domination? No. However, you did apologize to the Muslim world, who were allies of the Nazi scourge. And, in so doing, you brought great shame upon our nation.

Your unwavering support of the Muslim Brotherhood has destabilized the entire Middle East and Africa, even in view of the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated objective is the destruction of our nation, has been declared a terrorist organization by its country of origin – Egypt.  And even as Egypt tries the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood for major crimes of violence and terror, you see fit to place its members in highly sensitive positions related to the safety and security of our homeland; an act that many of We The People view as repeated acts of treason.

You continue to dismantle our military and our economy with great alacrity, all the while spinning your tales of rainbow stew. Your policies crush our economy and you blame it on racism.  Your Attorney General picks and chooses which laws he will enforce and is a constant adversary of states’ rights which are guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment to our Constitution.

It is bad enough that you and your regime are the greatest dangers this country has ever faced, but when the whole world recognizes your blustering “red line in the sand” is nothing more than “a yellow spot in the snow” and when foreign diplomats suggest to the world press that your speeches are written by unemployable comedians, it is just too much to bare.

 And when America awakens to that fact your legacy will rival that of Benedict Arnold; in spades.

And it is for that reason that We The People ask you to just stay home; stay off the world stage and the national stage and confine yourself to stroking your disciples at DNC events. It would save millions of taxpayer dollars each month.

Your constant spewing of that which Bess Truman could never get Harry to call manure makes We The People feel as a mixed martial arts (MMA) world champion being assaulted by a little old lady with a handbag; it is monumentally embarrassing and there is little that we can do about it other than to defend ourselves from serious injury while the assault is in progress.

But assaults such as that, as physically and emotionally damaging as they may be, will never put a champion “down for the count.” And when the assault ends, true justice steps in. I wonder where We The People will choose as our own “Nuremberg”? Where ever that may be, you can count on being there along with your lap dogs Eric Holder, Harry Reid, and hopefully a host of others.

We The People shall prevail and will see the end of you and your leftist dreamers of domination of the masses – Thank God!

Darwin Rockantansky completed two combat tours in Vietnam before he was old enough to buy a beer. He’s the son of a Korean War and Vietnam veteran. Darwin has also worked for the following: the Shah of Iran, then prince / now King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, SHAPE / NATO, Bush One, Reagan Two, Hollywood movie studios and an entrepreneur who started and operated his own software company for a couple of decades. Darwin is also an American Patriot and writes at Red Ink Flowing.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.