When have we ever seen Muslims explode (if you’ll pardon the expression) with this kind of rage over the jihad terrorists who supposedly twist and hijack their religion?


“Of pig DNA and social justice,” Malaysian Insider, May 29, 2014 (thanks to Christian):

Lately, the Malaysian populace, specifically Muslim Malays, were taken aback by the detection of porcine DNA by the Ministry of Health in two products by the chocolate manufacturer Cadbury.

Following the incident, Jakim (the supreme authority on Islamic affairs in the country) suspended with immediate effect the halal certificates for the chocolate bars Dairy Milk Hazelnut and Dairy Milk Roast Almond.

It has stirred anger amongst Malaysian Muslims, as they are of the perception that their trust in Cadbury to market halal products has been betrayed.

The widespread displeasure in the company has resulted in a multitude of criticisms and negative reactions. Most recently, an organisation claiming to collectively represent Islamic NGOs in Malaysia declared jihad against the company.

In a press conference in Kuala Lumpur, the president of Pertubuhan Kebajikan Darul Islah Malaysia (a welfare body) called for holy war against Cadbury for their alleged attempts to ‘weaken’ the Muslim community in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, the Allied Coordinating Committee of Islamic NGOs demanded that Cadbury bear the cost of blood exchange transfusions for Muslims who had consumed the chocolate prior to the aforementioned exposure.

In addition, there were those who suggested that they rinse their mouths with soil water (as an analogy to the cleansing practice decreed by a minority of scholars for the contact of human skin with pigs).

Furthermore, the president of Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (the Muslim Consumer Association of Malaysia) urged Cadbury to shut down its factories and beseeched Muslims to boycott its products.

Even more extreme were those who proposed that the factories be burned down altogether.

It is most certainly decreed in Islam that pigs and products thereof are forbidden for consumption by Muslims; Cadbury Malaysia was clearly in the wrong to have used porcine elements in their confection, in light of this fact.

This move, which circumstantially involved false advertising, deservedly drew enormous surprise from the nation’s adherents of the Islamic faith.

However, the over-reaction in this circumstance has made it appear as if Muslims are excessively sensitive in matters of accidental consumption, to the point that other, more pressing injustices (such as gambling, corruption, the imbibing of alcohol, adultery, and the throwing away of babies) have been overshadowed.

The effect is doubly sordid when common sense says that those who commit sin without knowing, surely cannot be blamed….


Below is background about the halal certification scam. Note how Muslim groups are shaking down Australian companies for money for unnecessary halal certification. Another concern is with halal meat entering the marketplace without having to be labeled as such.

This is an issue for many groups, including those Christians who believe that the Christian Bible prohibits the consumption of meat sacrificed to idols; many Christians would view halal meat as meeting that definition, since in halal slaughter, an imam offers the animal up as a sacrifice to Allah. Others object to halal because of concern about the jihad links of some organizations that provide halal certification, such as the Hamas-linked Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

According to Sikh teachings, it is a grave sin (out of 4 grave sins ) to eat Halal food. So, according to my Sikh colleague Avneet,  if a restaurant hides this then it is a violation  for observing Sikhs. They should be given notice, at the very least.

Before Thanksgiving 2011, I broke the story that the turkeys Butterball were selling were halal but not labeled as such. Heads were exploding on the left, ‘Geller’s turkey jihad and such’  (e.g. here, here) — but  I was right, sales plummeted, and Butterball stopped that practice by Thanksgiving the following year.

“CADBURY COPS A JIHAD,” The Pickering Post, May 29, 2014 (thanks to Kenneth):

It was first reported in the US this week that Cadbury is in real trouble with its export market. After having paid the Indonesian Halal Certification mob the correct protection money, the Malaysian Health Ministry has found traces of pork DNA in its products. All hell has broken loose.

Now I understand that porcine fat is used in many foods, including chocolate and ice cream, where a smooth “texture” is needed but poor Cadbury (which is very quiet about its certification) is copping it from all Islamic quarters.

Cadbury has agreed to recall all pork “tainted” items from stores overseas, a massive undertaking amid cries of foul play. More than 20 Muslim groups have called for a boycott on all Cadbury’s products, saying that a holy war needs to be waged against the confectionary giant for attempting to “weaken” Muslims.

At a news conference called to announce the boycotts an hysterical Malay woman yelled, “Will Cadbury wash away the tainted blood in our veins? I want to wash away the tainted blood of my children who have consumed the chocolates… how will money even compensate for that?”

Perkasa Selangor chief, Abu Bakar Yahya told reporters:
“They (Cadbury) have betrayed us Muslims by putting ‘haram’ elements through the foods we consume in our body, to weaken us Muslims.

“That is why Muslims are weak, divided… because the person eats pork it is difficult to guide him to the right path.

“When the day of judgment comes, that person will be wearing a pig-face because of what he has eaten. We need to unite, we must declare jihad!”

We could be in for some fun and games here because all Australian halal certified food manufacturers use pig fat in at least some items.

Certifiers here and in Indonesia couldn’t give a damn about compliance, they are too busy warring over the lucrative halal scam estimated to be worth almost $1 trillion world-wide.

But Islamic consumers are now likely to turn on the certifiers who say they conduct a vigorous compliance regime on all food chains… they don’t, they never have. They just collect the money.

The Indonesian Council of Ulama, MUI, (which also orders Fatwa rulings) is a Mafia style body that runs the certifying protection racket throughout much of Asia, forcing Australian companies to pay outrageous amounts (up to $30,000) to have their food certified as halal.

But MUI has opposition, “Australian Halal Food Services” (AHFS) and this mob has been undercutting MUI. Now MUI is banning Australian export of all foods, including meat, from Australian companies found dealing with AHFS.

As a result many Aussie companies have removed the halal logo from their products but still pay the protection money.

It’s almost impossible to get any company to discuss what’s going on, and for good reason.

When asked to comment, the Dept of Trade said, “The Australian Government values our close relationship with MUI and will continue to work together with them to overcome issues that affect mutually beneficial trade….”. Hmmm.

It seems incredible that less than 2 percent of Australia’s population can use a protection racket to force unwitting Aussie shoppers to finance the slaughter of Christians by Syrian rebels, supported militarily by Barack Obama against Putin’s militarily supported Assad. Crumbs, WTF is going on here?

Buying halal certified food costs you at the checkout and that money doesn’t go to building madrassas like the certifiers say… this is where your money goes:

Warning! If you have a weak stomach do not view this. It shows how Syrian Islamic rebels deal with Christians in Aleppo.

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