Our country used to be considered “One Nation Under God”. There can be no doubt that God has to wipe away his tears on a daily business while he waits for this country to rediscover its soul.

Divine Providence

In the thousand, or so, articles that I have written and the nearly 500 radio shows that I have broadcast, I have never said I was pursuing a story because it is what God wanted me to do. However, I am stating today that I am pursuing the human trafficking issue that is transpiring within our borders because it has become my mission to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves. As many of you know, in pursuing this endeavor, I have done so at great danger to myself and my fortune. However, I will not be deterred. America needs to be fully awakened to the fact the 13th Amendment no longer applies and there is slavery, often child sex slavery, on our soil. The latest victims of this scourge are illegal immigrants in the United States.

Sometimes Divine Providence rears its head as it did about two weeks ago as I was watching the one and only episode that I have ever watched of the television show, Border Wars. In the 15 minutes I watched this episode, a Border Patrol agent was interviewed on camera as he was standing next to several underage Mexican females and proclaimed that their apprehension in the desert probably saved these young girls, as young as 11, from being forced into prostitution and child trafficking. I was shocked that the candor of the Border Patrol agent actually made it past the producers of the show and this portion of the episode was aired.

That next weekend, here in Arizona, it was confirmed by Andy Adame, a spokesman for the Border Patrol in Tucson, that federal officials flew about 400 migrants apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas to Tucson to be processed. Since that time, thousands of illegal immigrants are being dumped at bus deports in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.

ICE Is Endangering Lives

There are now thousands of undocumented immigrants from Central America, primarily Mexico, who have been transported from Texas and then subsequently released at Greyhound bus stations in Tucson and Phoenix over the past several weeks after they were flown to Arizona, at taxpayers expense, from south Texas.

Adame further reported that the migrants were flown to Arizona because “ICE does not have enough manpower to handle a surge in illegal immigrants in south Texas” and, “ICE officials say that the immigrants are released as long as they can provide an address for their destination with family or friends, no matter their legal status.” I guess ICE considers the local Greyhound bus depot is to be considered to be a valid address.

Cyndi Whitmore, a volunteer with the Phoenix Restoration Project, an advocacy group that has been going to the bus terminal in Phoenix to help and she stated that “It’s not safe health wise and we are concerned for their physical safety”. Whitmore traveled to the Greyhound station on Buckeye Road, in Phoenix and found approximately 50 women and young children who had just been released by ICE and she said that ICE gave these human beings no water, food or diapers and formula for the babies. The youngest children were as young as six months old.

Women and children were being dumped at Greyhound bus terminals and other public transportation areas in 110 degree heat without resources. ICE is directly and indirectly facilitating illegal entry into the country and forcing undocumented immigrants, mostly juvenile females, into the professions of drug running and prostitution, through the conditions that ICE is fostering.

In Phoenix, we have a large Mexican drug cartel presence and sex trafficking of children is huge as immigrant, juvenile females constitute most of our street prostitutes in Phoenix. It is difficult for me to write these words, but ICE is, in one way or another, in league with human traffickers and drug deals through their neglect and the subsequent violations of individual human rights.

Why Is There a Surge In Immigration?

These people are in extreme danger, not just because of the weather, but because of the predatory nature of organized crime which operates directly under the noses of law enforcement. Here in Phoenix, before the police arrest an illegal immigrant, they must have committed a serious, and usually violent felony. There are no task forces, or grand jury investigations, who are investigating human trafficking of illegal immigrants, but it is commonplace in our community. Local police know that they are not supposed to speak of this matter, or they will fall into disfavor with their supervisors who are under pressure from state and local officials.

President Obama has adopted his own version of the “friends and family plan”. If immigrants cross the border, but they have a child with them, they are free to go. According to the Los Angeles TimesIf an immigrant does not have a child with them, they can still obtain passage into the country by simply surrendering themselves to ICE officials and they will be subsequently released. With this policy in effect, thousands of displaced immigrants will grow to millions of Central Americans coming to the United States.


Although I sympathize with the plight of these people, I am also concerned about the future of my country. How many third world immigrants can a country absorb until that country is considered to be a third world country? At what point does our infrastructure become overwhelmed and we cannot afford to educate, feed and water our population? How long until essential services begin to collapse under the weight of massive immigration?

Subsequently, I fully understand all the arguments about preserving the integrity of our borders. I, too, don’t like the fact that scores of hospitals have gone broke treating these people free of charge. I do not like the fact that Obama routinely orders ICE to release dangerous illegal immigrant felons inside of the United States. I further resent the mockery that our naturalization process has become. I increasingly resent the presence of Mexican drug cartels in my community as we have already seen beheadings in the Phoenix area which is the hallmark sign of a Mexican drug cartel presence.

I understand and largely agree that we have a major immigration problem that is draining our already depleted economy. However, the people I am writing about in this story, are women and children in which most of them are headed to labor bondage as well as drug and sex trafficking. How can we as a society condone this?

The joke today is that if you want to catch the pimps and the drug dealers, just go a Greyhound station in Phoenix and Tucson. Yet, at no time during this ordeal, did Phoenix deploy their officers to these sites.  Phoenix is a sanctuary city and that is probably why.

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This depraved indifference to human life is unconscionable as the Obama administration continues to deconstruct the nation. Yet, the overriding issue is that these immigrants are human beings and our government is condemning many of them to a life of misery and suffering!

Please allow me to pause and ask a question: “What the hell have we become?”

Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.