Friday morning Obama held a dramatic press conference in front of a helicopter on the south lawn of the White House to tell the world he doesn’t know what we are going to do in Iraq and that he is still thinking about it (as the decapitated heads pile up and Iran moves in for the kill). Classic Obama.

What we do know is that President Obama is intent on releasing the world’s most vicious jihad enemies from Gitmo. And we can expect the five Taliban terror leaders Obama released last week in exchange for a deserter will be doing to Afghanistan what released Gitmo terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has done in Iraq. And ISIS is not stopping at Iraq. They have vowed to come to America.

But no worries, Obama says al Qaeda is on the run and that the world has never been “less violent.” Rest easy, lemmings.

Photo: American military equipment seized during last hours in Iraq.

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Video: : Al Qaeda group ISIS parades through streets of Mosul after defeating the an Iraqi Army that didn’t fight and shows off captured American humvees and tanks:

ISIS Leader to USA: ‘Soon We Will be in Direct Confrontation’
By Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS

(CNSNews.com) – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), issued a rare audio message back on January 21 in which he flatly stated his group’s intention to march on Baghdad and move into “direct confrontation” with the United States.

“Our last message is to the Americans. Soon we will be in direct confrontation, and the sons of Islam have prepared for such a day,” Baghdadi said. “So watch, for we are with you, watching.”

When the House Foreign Affairs Committee held a hearing on February 5 on al Qaida’s resurgence in Iraq, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iran and Iraq Brett McGurk presented written testimony explaining the agenda of ISIS (also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL), and discussed Baghdadi’s audio message to Americans.

ISIL, McGurk said, focuses on “an aim to carve out an Islamic caliphate stretching from Baghdad to Lebanon.”

“ISIL has also made its intentions clear: move from a new base of operations in Fallujah to Baghdad–a distance of under 30 miles,” McGurk said in his written testimony. “Its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, had this to say in a rare audio statement issued on January 21: ‘As for ISIS in Iraq: Be in the frontlines against the Shia, and march toward Baghdad and the South, keep the Shia busy in their own areas. Know that the entire Sunni population and the brothers in Syria are watching you.’”

McGurk then noted that Baghdadi went on to conclude his audio statement by issuing a direct threat to the United States. Specifically, Baghdadi said: “Our last message is to the Americans. Soon we will be in direct confrontation, and the sons of Islam have prepared for such a day. So watch, for we are with you, watching.”

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