islam-will-dominate-the-worldOn September 11, 2012, Islamic jihadists launched a relentless assault on our embassy in Benghazi. Americans watched in horror as our President did absolutely nothing to help our fellow Americans as they were brutally murdered in what would later become just another Obama scandal no one can get to the bottom of.  To this day, many Americans are still confused about the events that led to this tragedy, and more so, the excuses that were made in an attempt to hide what was really occurring. On the other hand, many people realize that this was a gun running operation. The Obama administration has been, and is currently arming these Islamic factions, and has been for years.

With this being said, the most astounding element to all of this was the fact that the Obama administration tried to blame the Benghazi attacks on an alleged “Anti Mohammed” video that magically appeared on YouTube. By sending his lapdog Susan Rice on all the major Sunday shows, the administration was actually trying to convince Americans that the attack was justified because the video was offensive to the Islamic culture. In other words, they were trying to portray Islam as the victim, and the United States as the insensitive, intolerant, imperialist nation which shows no regard for other cultures. Certain elements of our society were willing to go along with this because they have been inundated with multicultural education, which does nothing but numb one’s senses to reality. Muslims attempt to portray Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance, yet, we are supposed to believe they are justified in launching a sophisticated attack against our embassy, murdering four Americans, because they found a video offensive? Never mind the fact that Walid Shoebat has uncovered some compelling evidence that the producer of this video was actually a covert agent working for Eric Holder.

When will America be able to stand up and take offense to the things that Muslims are doing? If these people were justified in murdering four Americans over a video; a video that wasn’t even real no less, then surely we could take offense to Muslims, who act like the U.S. flag is a threat to them. Seriously, if we apply their logic to the situation, we would be reasonably assuming that perceiving the American flag as offensive and threatening would give Muslims, based on the Benghazi situation, the justification to launch violent attacks against those who are offending them.  This is just an observation. However, if Muslims can take offense to such things, then aren’t we warranted to take offense at their fake outrage?

What about the fact that Americans are constantly portrayed as intolerant and racist, in an effort to silence us, while Muslims overseas are beheading Christians and burning them alive? Would we be justified in taking offense to this video, or how about this one?

According to Susan Rice, speaking for the Obama administration, the Muslims responsible for the Benghazi attack are justified because of the offensive nature of a fake video; a video where no one was even hurt. Surely, we as American Christians are entitled a little outrage ourselves as we watch these barbarians commit these atrocities and then call us insensitive and intolerant when we want to stand for the truth. Sorry, but that is extremely offensive.

Perhaps the most offensive element to all of this is the fact that America is continuously portrayed as an evil nation which oppresses the world’s poor and discriminates against all who are different. As it stands right now, there is an Islamic worship center not two miles from this author’s house. Muslims worship in peace, without worry of someone coming in and burning them alive or cutting off their heads. The videos and pictures featured in many articles tell a different story for Christians overseas. They live in fear, and they have lost the protection of the U.S. government as the Obama administration is enabling the Islamists who are slaughtering them. The truth is that America is the most tolerant nation in the world. People come from all corners of the globe for the freedom and opportunity to make something of their lives. Only in America can you spit on the flag and still be protected by the rights she represents. Its due time Americans come together and let these barbaric thugs know that we will not be threatened into silence. It’s time we show them that we still believe in America and we are willing to stand up and defend her. If we fail to do this, the videos linked in this article may soon represent a neighborhood near you.

David Risselada is a freelance writer and researcher. David served in the United States Marine Corps from 1995-1999 and the US Army from 2001-2006. In addition to contributing to, he writes at Radical Conservative. Follow David on Twitter.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.