Veteran claims son was told his unit is being deployed in February 2015

Combat Troops Being Sent Back to Iraq?

A veteran has contacted Infowars to inform us that his son’s combat unit was told they are being deployed to Iraq in February 2015, contradicting President Obama’s vow not to send U.S. troops back into the stricken country.

The veteran, who served in the U.S. Navy with honor in the 1990′s, was shocked when his son relayed what his Virginia-based unit had been told by superiors.

“We are being lied to about Iraq,” he writes. “My son is being trained right now and will be deployed to Iraq in February 2015. He has been told by the U.S. Army that his unit will be sent for combat.”

“I thought we only had advisors? How can they now – just now know that they need combat troops in February 2015? Please expose this – so many more American sons will face danger – some will come home in body bags. There is a bigger agenda here – the more I know I will provide information.”

Fox News poll released earlier this week found that 70 per cent of Americans think it’s either somewhat or very likely that U.S. combat troops will be sent back to Iraq.

Last week, President Obama announced that he would send up to 300 U.S. Special Operations troops to Iraq to act as advisors, just days after asserting that no combat troops would return to the country.

Iraq is currently in turmoil after key towns and strategic facilities were seized by the ISIS insurgent group, which has been blamed for numerous atrocities. Critics have charged the Obama administration with aiding the spread of ISIS militants as a result of its policy of supporting other jihadist groups in Syria. One report even accuses the U.S. of training ISIS terrorists at a secret base in Jordan in 2012.

With some lawmakers demanding that Obama get approval from Congress before launching air strikes against ISIS, the President yesterday insisted that he had the authority to send troops to Iraq indefinitely under the Constitution.

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