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America is dying to know… Will this lawsuit bring an untimely end to the golf outings?

What does a nation do with a president who has blatantly violated the ConstitutionThe remedy contained in the Constitution is impeachment. However, it has been postulated the Senate will not convict since it consists of a Democrat majority. Certain members of the House have talked about articles of impeachment tantalizing an already outraged public at the continued ineffectiveness of an impotent Congress. Since the House has already predicted defeat with impeachment proceedings, John Boehner (R-OH), Speaker of the House, has announced that the House will vote later this year on whether to sue Barack Hussein Obama. Boehner has concluded that filing suit against Obama would maybe “force” this lawless criminal to follow the Constitution.

Boehner, out of his own mouth, stated, “The Constitution makes it clear that the president’s job is to faithfully execute the law, and in my view, the president has not faithfully executed the laws.”

Gee, John, where have you been? Obama has demonstrated time and again over the last five years his refusal to “faithfully execute the law.” Obama has “legislated” through executive order and policy along with making unilateral decisions on issues ranging from Obamacare mandatesenvironmental policyprisoner exchangeimmigration, and national security. Talk is cheap John; it’s past time to “man-up.”

Meanwhile, the White House, in true Obama fashion, mocked this effort by Boehner.

Josh Earnest, White House press secretary, stated, “The fact they are considering a tax-payer funded lawsuit against the president of the United States for doing his job, I think, is the kind of step most Americans wouldn’t support.”

Well Josh, you might be right there – most American would rather see the lawless criminal impeached, removed from office, tried for treason and other criminal offenses and suffer the appropriate punishment if found guilty.

According to the Washington Times:

Mr. Boehner said he has not yet decided which specific executive actions would be included in the lawsuit, though the memo suggest the House suit may instead be a broad grievance.

Simon Lazarus, senior counsel at the Constitutional Accountability Center, said that until Republicans list what specifically they’ll sue over, Mr. Boehner’s push is going nowhere.

“He never once names a single act that he intends to challenge or believes is unconstitutional or illegal, so it’s impossible to give much credence to this,” Mr. Lazarus said. “It’s really quite difficult to see this as anything other than a transparent political stunt.”

Mr. Lazarus said a court would be unlikely to even take up a broad complaint and that courts typically don’t hear cases that they judge to be purely political disputes.

Unfortunately, Simon Lazarus may be correct. This may be another political “dog and pony show” to try and quiet a restless American public. The Constitution already provides the House remedies to control the executive branchJohn Boehner knows the House controls the purse strings, but caved to pressure from Obama, his ilk, and crony stooges during the “government shut-down” where only non-essential agencies were closed. Funny, there was not even a bee sting’s worth of pain experienced over the “shut down;” but, to hear Obama talk, “the sky was falling” as the federal government could not function. The Republican leadership needs to find it’s backbone to cease funding unconstitutional laws and unconstitutional, illegal executive actions along with those alphabet agencies unauthorized by the Constitution.

Boehner stated in his memo that when traveling outside of Washington, many citizens ask him to stand up to the “I have a pen and a phone to use” Obama. While Boehner has admitted that allowing a president to “unilaterally reinterpret law” is setting a precedent that “shifts power from Congress” and gives “kinglike authority” to the president, Boehner choked when asked whether this would be the first step toward impeachment proceedings. An invertebrate, like John Boehner, can, for one brief moment it seems, stiffen its muscles to appear to have a spine.

For someone who is supposed to be cognizant of the contents of the Constitution, Mr. Boehner, it appears, has forgotten what is contained in that document. The American public, alternative media and bloggers have chronicled many of Obama’s criminal and illegal actions. And, it isn’t just the public who has a list of these actions either. Ted Cruz has compiled a list of 76 of Obama’s illegal actions which were published here.

If that is not sufficient, the Committee for Justice has produced a list of 25 violations of law by Obama and his administration.

The resources available to Boehner and the House are endless when it comes to the documentation regarding the lawless, criminal Obama and those in his administration. Video exists to prove repeated lying and deception committed by Obama regarding his signature health care law – Obamacare. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Obama’s deception over Obamacare is worse than “Slick Willy” taking a few trysts with Monica Lewinski.

News reports have published, almost daily, the circumstances surrounding the current “invasion” of illegal aliens across the southern border of the US along with the administration’s refusal to enforce immigration law. Add to these incidents Fast and FuriousOperation Choke Point, the IRS targeting of conservative groupsBenghazi, the assaults on the Bill of Rights and military intervention in Libya – to name a few. There is ample evidence to initiate impeachment proceedings and convict Obama, along with those complicit in his administration.

In fact, according to the Committee for Justice website, the full report along with the survey would be delivered to Congress, Obama, his top advisers, the news media and House Speaker John Boehner, who is first on the list. There is no need for a “broad complaint,” as Boehner has enough resources to be specific in the lawsuit. Then again, Boehner does not want to be specific.

Instead of more “dog and pony shows,” the House should get down to business with impeachment proceedings. If it is blocked by the Senate and Harry Reid, then it becomes time for Americans to issue recall of Senators, at the federal level, who do not follow the law. The law of the land provides for the remedies for an out of control executive. However, those remedies are moot when those responsible fail to utilize them.

The American public has become witness to the failure of its elected officials to follow the law, making the entire government criminal and lawless. All elected and appointed officials need to be removed and replaced, including those in the Supreme Court and lower courts. There needs to be a movement state by state to begin federal recall against members of the Senate, House, court judges and justices who have failed in their duty to honor their oaths of office. If the state governments will not do their duty, residents of the states should follow the example of Colorado and recall their state officials as well. America is in the throes of a Constitutional crisis whereby our republic will be lost should we fail to act.

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These officials were elected by “we the people” and serve under “good behavior.” If the officials are not acting appropriately, the people need to remove these officials, appointed or elected. While government may contend this type of action as Insurrection, it is the government who is committing insurrection against the “we the people” as it was the people who formed the government and nation. It is the government who is attempting to “overthrow” the Constitutional republic known as the United States of America. It’s time to take these impotent, criminal officials to task or submit to the subjugation.

A friend of mine, who served in the Marine Corp (thank you for your service, Ed), said, “It goes soapbox, ballot box, ammo box. We’ve been using the soapbox, but that’s not working. The ballot box is tainted in the national election cycle so we have to try recall and elections at the state level. If that fails, get your ammo ready ’cause you’re gonna need it.”

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.