IRS ScandalBarack Obama has called it “phony.” Lois Lerner proclaimed her innocence BEFORE pleading the fifth. Then the IRS “lost” her emailsJohn Koskinen acts like nothing ever happened and gets patted on the back by liberals who have been through extended sensitivity training

In spite of all this, the IRS is obviously guilty of breaking the law on several fronts. This is just another example.

In 2008, confidential information was obtained and leaked to the public from the National Organization for Marriage tax returns. Part of the leaked information was a list of major donors which included the name of Mitt Romney. The liberal press ran with this information to further discredit Romney with those who support same-sex marriage. The impact is questionable, because it is doubtful that Romney had much of a base with this group in the first place. But the left was obviously fighting for every vote.

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The penalty is laughable. The IRS must now pay the National Organization for Marriage a lousy $50,000. This is only representative of actual damages. No penalties or interest? What if the shoe were on the other foot?

Mike Miller reports:

In February of 2012, gay-rights group Human Rights Campaign posted on its website the 2008 tax return of the National Organization for Marriage – along with the names and contact information of the group’s major donors, including soon-to-be Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

That information was subsequently published by the Huffington Post and other liberal sites. Incidentally, HRC’s president at the time, Joe Solmonese, was the national co-chairman of Barack Obama’s reelection campaign.

Smell a rat? Me, too.

But here’s the real problem: the IRS now admits that it illegally leaked the information – and has agreed to pay NOM $50,000 as a result.

“Congress made the disclosure of confidential tax return information a serious matter for a reason,” NOM Chairman John D. Eastman told The Daily Signal. “We’re delighted that the IRS has now been held accountable for the illegal disclosure of our list of major donors from our tax return.”

Delighted? Over $50,000?

What about the people on that list of donors?

I’d frankly be offended if my name were on that list and the IRS got off so easy after leaking my information.

This payoff allows the IRS to sweep this under the rug and act like it is not part of a much bigger scandal.

This is not about targeting any certain group on the right. This is about the IRS now being an extension of the left. They will make life uncomfortable for anyone who opposes them.

The biggest story here is probably the involvement of Joe Solmonese. Again, we are but a stones throw of directly linking this to Barack Obama.

Another day. Another “phony” scandal.

When are people going to wake up?