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A video of Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett’s jailhouse altercation with Officer Mark Dorsey shows that not even the defenders of the police state are safe from its abuse.

Jarrett was arrested around 12:30 pm on May 21, at Northern Lights Grill in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for refusing to cooperate with police after a bartender called to report his erratic behavior.

According to the police report, Jarrett had just left “an alcohol/chemical dependency treatment facility” and may have been on a drug called Gabapentina, as 3 pills were found in his shirt pocket during a search.

The mind-reading police claim he may have been intentionally mixing them with alcohol.

According to the police report:

Jarrett then became visibly agitated (angry, upset), his body became  rigid and he leaned forward like he was going to jump up on his feet or  launch himself off of the bench, and yelled, “Fuck You” and stated “Fuck You” again. Jarrett stayed at an agitated level and in the posture like he was going to jump up at any moment.


Unsurprisingly, at no time do we hear Jarrett use the words “fuck you” in the video. Cops lying in a police report?! Surely you jest!

He did however call a medic a “fucking stupid ass” which appears to be what triggered officer Mark Dorsey to puff out his chest, tell him to stand up and violently throw him around before slamming his face into a bench.

Gregg Jarrett once suggested George Zimmerman might have been justified in killing Trayvon Martin because the teen “may have been violent” from smoking marijuana.

It will be interesting to see if Jarrett will stick with the Fox News pro-police style and say his attack was justified because he “may have been violent” from drinking.

Or will he rise up and join those of us who stand up against violence and oppression?

Cassandra Rules’ article appears courtesy of The Free Thought Project.

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