Malaysia PlaneIn an eye-opening new video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports that there is new evidence to suggest that Flight 370 may have been subject to cockpit tampering, after takeoff. The evidence comes via The Guardian which uncovered an unconventional log-on request to a satellite just 90 minutes into the flight.

Considering one of the co-pilots had a flight simulator set up at home, which included flight plans for exotic destinations like Diego Garcia, no one should be shocked by the latest evidence.

The more shocking part of the story is that the world scoured the Indian Ocean for so long for a plane that was obviously not there. That is what happens when mainstream media and government are in collusion. This plane was never really missing. This is 2014 and many people refuse to believe that a huge jumbo jet could simply disappear with no one knowing what happened. Not with the current state of technology. Here is Greene’s video:

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According to The Telegraph:

Air crash investigators probing the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH-370 have discovered possible new evidence of tampering with the plane’s cockpit equipment.

A report released by Australian air crash investigators has revealed that the missing Boeing 777 suffered a mysterious power outage during the early stages of its flight, which experts believe could be part of an attempt to avoid radar detection.

According to the report, the plane’s satellite data unit made an unexpected “log-on” request to a satellite less than 90 minutes into its flight from the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, to the Chinese city of Beijing. The reports says the log-on request – known as a “handshake” – appears likely to have been caused by an interruption of electrical power on board the plane.

“A log-on request in the middle of a flight is not common,” said the report, by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. “An analysis was performed which determined that the characteristics and timing of the logon requests were best matched as resulting from power interruption.”

The victims’ families deserve some real answers at this point and sadly they will probably never get them. If this was a governmental conspiracy then those victims were simply seen as acceptable collateral damage.

If it was a hijacking by terrorists then one hates to think what kind of treatment those people may have received in their final hours. But their families certainly deserve to know.

h/t The Daily Sheeple