US Hamas-CAIR Jihad Groups Celebrate/Attend Ramadan Dinner at the PENTAGON

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According to the US Army Chaplain Corps, there are over 3,000 Muslims serving in the US military, out of 2,266,883 active military personnel. That is 0.1% (and that’s not including Muslim soldiers like Fort Hood jihadi Major Nidal Hassan or his acolyte Army Pvt. Naser Abdo). Got that? Not one percent, not even half a percent — a tenth of a percent. So why is the Pentagon holding a gala Ramadan dinner?

Considering that America is fighting jihad in all the wars she is engaged in — and jihad is the greatest threat facing the homeland — why is this happening?

Previously Hamas-CAIR has said of the dinner, “Tonight is a true representation of what American stands for,” said Nihad Awad “and for what all Americans can do for themselves and others in this country.”

Holding an Iftar “celebration” in the Pentagon, which was struck by terrorists in September 2001, is grotesque.

Hamas-CAIR tweeted this:

Annual Ramadan‬ Iftar Dinner at the Pentagon

Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work delivers remarks at 2014 Pentagon Iftar Dinner, held to break the daily fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan

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