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Screen shot courtesy of Guns Save Lives. This is an active poll, so results may change. However, over 10,000 votes have been cast since this screen shot was taken and the percentages are holding steady.

For those who wonder why MSNBC has lost nearly half of its viewers, this might serve as yet another example. A poll, hosted on, asked a simple question:

Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public?

People were given three options for answering and, with 90,000+ votes cast, here are the current numbers (as of July 6, 2014):

  • 88% – Yes! The Second Amendment guarantees it. (79,000+ votes)
  • 8% – No, it’s too dangerous. (7.266 votes)
  • 4% – Only for self defense. (3,636 votes)
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This result does not fit in with the network’s leftist narrative or agenda. To listen to MSNBC you would think that 90% of Americans are begging to turn in their guns so that they can receive the proper state protection.

I would not look for these poll results to be featured on any network shows in the near future. Remember, this is the same network that defended Rhode Island State Senator Josh Miller after he told a gun rights activist to, “Go F*ck Yourself.”

The truth is that American people are listening to the reports of violence and they are taking notes. But they simply do not agree with the proposed solutions given by the government or main stream media. They do not trust either source and it is beginning to show in both polls and media ratings.

The solution is to arm and protect yourself. People are not quite as stupid as MSNBC, et al, tend to assume. When we see stories of mass shootings and violence our first instinct is not to turn in all of our guns.

This is America and we believe in the right to protect ourselves.

We all know that bad guys are going to find guns, swords, bombs or whatever it takes to kill innocent people. No policy of gun confiscation will change that. We certainly can’t trust the police to defend us. In a hostile situation there is no time to call 911. And let’s not forget that, in some cases, the cops are the bad guys.

The truth is, contrary to reports from Bloomberg and Obama, even the left is very much in support of the Second Amendment. It’s only the very vocal extremist left that says otherwise.

They pretend to speak for all of America when they do not even represent the majority will of their own party.

Somehow the argument of, “There are bad guys everywhere. You must turn in your guns so we can protect you…” doesn’t yet wash with Americans. The brainwash is seemingly incomplete.

People are beginning to make the connection and see the media for what it is. Every media outlet has an agenda. Some just refuse to admit it.

I’d be very surprised if MSNBC doesn’t rip down this poll at some point.

For now, however, this is the most truth to come from MSNBC in a long time.