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During the recent campaign in Mississippi for Chris McDaniel, former classmate of Barack Obama, Wayne Allyn Root, said that Obama is a “Machurian Candidate.”

Referencing his new book The Murder of the Middle Class, Root said that he is a “champion of small business and the middle class.”

He claims that what is taking place is “not a mistake,” nor “a coincidence.” Instead, he echoed what this author and others have said time and again. “It’s a purposeful plan to wipe out America, capitalismthe middle class… and destroy American Exceptionalism and Judeo-Christian values.”

How does he know this, you might ask?

According to Root, he is “Obama’s college classmate, Columia University, class of 1983.”

Root said that when he attended Columbia University that he and his classmates studied the Cloward Piven Strategy and Saul Alinsky. According to Root, “The plan was to get someone elected president, who looks fantastic, who has a beautiful wife and beautiful children; a family man. Get him to cut his afro or his long hair or his pony tail, put on a nice suit and then lie to everybody, making sure they know he’s a moderate, not a communist; make sure they know he’s a uniter, not a divider.”

“And then,” continued Root, “destroy the country by overwhelming the system with spending, with taxes, with regulations, with debt, and with entitlements and food stamps. Overwhelm it till it collapses, and every middle class person is dependent upon government and voting Democrat in order to keep their checks coming so that their families survive.”

That plan is currently taking place and we’ve been witness to it for the last six years. This isn’t the first you’ve heard of Cloward Piven either, if you have followed this site. We’ve referenced it on many occasions.

Root went on to recall his days at Columiba saying, “We (He and Barack Obama) graduated on the same day. We both graduated political science majors. We both graduated pre-law, and I knew every human being at Columbia University in the political science department… every one of them, and they all knew me… seven hundred students, one Reagan conservative, me.”

“You know who I didn’t know?” Root asked. “Never met him, never heard of him, never saw him,… don’t know another student at Columbia who ever met him, heard of him or saw him – Barack Hussein Obama. Isn’t that amazing?”

Root then told the crowd that he had just got back from his 30th college reunion. According to Root, he “searched out” anyone who might have known Obama from Columbia University, and he said that “no one” person remembered Barack Obama being at Columbia University.

“Ladie and Gentlemen, our nation is being run by the Manchurian Candidate; the real life Manchurian Candidate,” Root declared.

We have video evidence that Obama was at Harvard, in which he is shown introducing racist and developer of Critical Race Theory, Professor Derrick Bell.

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We know from Mia Marie Pope, who was a high school friend of Obama’s (aka Barry Soetoro) in Hawaii, that he attended high school at Punahou High School. A postman has said that Obama was a foreigner put through Harvard by Bill Ayers’ parents. Our own Leon Puissegur interviewed Dr. John Drew who had conversations with Obama at Occidental College about Marxism and a communist-style revolution. Yet, no one remembers Obama from Columbia University? Why? Perhaps, it’s like everything else in his life that is a mystery.

One thing is for sure: Barack Obama is following the Cloward Piven Strategy in virtually everything he has been engaged in, from immigration to the welfare state. Indeed, he has become the Manchurian Candidate, but it seems his strings are being controlled by a myriad of interests.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost.