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Right here is where “public safety” meets revenue generation.

Are you familiar with the term “highway robbery”? Check out what the cops are doing in this short video:

Brilliant, no? They apparently get some guy (probably undercover cop by the way he keeps seemingly looking for a signal) to hold up traffic by crossing the street at this crosswalk 100 times, then a patrol car waiting in the wings pulls over the people who don’t stop when this man repeatedly crosses the street over and over.

He just walks right out in front of traffic multiple times here, not even waiting for a break in traffic flow or looking both ways first like our mommas taught us.

What about this is “protecting and serving,” by the way? This is more like a criminal racket set up to extort money from people who are otherwise minding their own business just trying to get where they’re going on an American street.

Isn’t there, oh, I dunno, actual CRIME happening somewhere in this town? So this is where taxpayer funds go? For this guy to spend all day holding up traffic to dangerously cross a busy intersection over and over?

Where’s the public education lesson here about crosswalk safety? Raising awareness to help pedestrians and drivers co-exist? There isn’t, because what you just watched in that video isn’t about that. Yes, drivers should stop for crosswalks, but if this intersection is really that busy and that dangerous for people to cross, they should put in a traffic light…not that most pedestrians cross the same street back-and-forth repeatedly for an hour in the first place…

This is a shining example of the American police state in all its pathetic hilarity.

P.S. – The responding cop flew through that crosswalk as well. Good thing there wasn’t a pedestrian trying to cross there at that time.

I hope every single person ticketed by the Somerville Police Department in this manner finds this video and plays it in court. On repeat. For an hour.

Melissa Melton is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media. Wake the flock up!