“They had to choke the dog to get him off of me. He was not responding to the call signs to let go of my leg.”

When Lael Queen was filming two Trenton police officers beating a woman outside of a laundromat he never thought it would land him in jail, much less attacked by a dog and beaten to the point of hospitalization.

However, according to Queen, that is exactly what happened.

On the 4th of July no less, Queen was in the process of washing his clothes when he saw police beating a woman that he knew.

“They slammed her into the wall, slammed her onto the ground and then the other officer jumped on top of her and starting punching her in the face,” Queen said, describing what happened to the woman who is an acquaintance. “I pulled out my camera phone and started recording them assaulting the girl.”

That’s when Queen said that one of the officers told him that he was interfering with their police “investigation.”

“I told them I’m not interfering with anything,” Queen explained to the Trentonian. “I’m just videotaping y’all beating up this girl, which is my right.”

Queen then left for a short time and returned later to retrieve his clothes.

As he was carrying his clean laundry like a baby, he heard footsteps behind him.

That’s when Queen says a Trenton police officer began to assault the 31-year-old and in stereotypical fashion, told him to “stop resisting” as he escalated violence.

Five officers, sicked a dog on Queen, and then proceeded to cuff and beat him.

Pictures Queen provided to The Trentonian show chunks of his left leg and thigh missing due to the alleged police dog attack.


The lifelong resident said the K-9 dog was still attached to his leg as he was handcuffed.

“They had to choke the dog to get him off of me,” he said. “He was not responding to the call signs to let go of my leg.”

As the dog attacked him, Queen said the officers were still kicking and punching him.

Another photo shows a handful of cuts and bruises on his face.

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Queen says the officers took his phone during the arrest and deleted the video of them beating the girl.

Mayor Eric Jackson, in response to public outcry over this incident, has promised a thorough “internal investigation.”

Courtesy of The Free Thought Project.