Government imposes communication ban on besieged border town

Murrieta Pro-Tem Mayor: Feds Ignored Town's Plea For Help

According to Murrieta Pro-Tem Mayor Harry Ramos, the federal government has ignored the town’s request for help in order to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants arriving on buses and has refused to provide city officials with any information whatsoever.

Anti-amnesty activists in the southern Californian town have been successful in turning away busloads of illegal immigrants, mainly children, who are being transferred from overcrowded detention facilities in Texas. As we have previously highlighted, many of the illegals involved in similar programs are simply being processed and then released into the general population.

Ramos told Liberty News that despite the town only having the facilities to handle 25 individuals, the federal government has overwhelmed Murrieta with 100 immigrants at a time.

According to Ramos, when city officials attempted to get information from the feds about the influx, they were completely ignored, forcing Murrieta authorities to turn to Border Patrol agents who are willing to break their gag order and provide updates through back channels.

“The only way city officials are notified of anything coming down from the federal government is when a BP agent breaks the law to tell them,” writes Eric Odom.

A request for funding from the feds to install a cafeteria tent at the Murrieta border patrol station was also rejected, despite the fact that immigrants are currently eating off the floor. When city officials offered to provide a mobile medical unit in an effort to minimize health risks posed to the town by the immigrants, federal authorities again rejected the proposal.

As part of the wider communication lockdown, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency is now sending letters to its agents demanding that they “cease and desist” from speaking to the media “without proper authorization.”

The federal government’s apparent effort to keep overwhelmed border towns in the dark about the influx of illegal immigrants will increase fears that the Obama administration is deliberately exacerbating the immigration problem in order to enact a Cloward and Piven strategy of purposely engineering chaos to grease the skids for blanket amnesty.

As we reported yesterday, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement employee claims that the Obama administration has also handed a number of ICE agents in the Murrieta/LA area paid temporary leave, a de facto stand down order that will again serve to increase the illegal immigrant population.

As Senator Jeff Sessions wrote in an op-ed for USA Today, Obama has “abandoned his lawful duty to the American people” in exchange for yielding to the demands of radical immigration activists.

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