United Nations in GenevaEvery day the Congress, monopolized by Democratic Senator Harry Reid, and the Obama administration, who orchestrated our invasion, delay action on illegal invaders is another day that our nation is over-run with invaders carrying highly contagious diseases, possibly tied with terrorist organizationslinked to drug cartel and other criminal organizations participating in human trafficking, and being supported by American taxpayers who are being stretched to the breaking point. This administration’s domestic policies are bringing America to the brink of, if not pushing it toward, collapse. Americans all over the nation, including those who have immigrated legally to this nation, are calling on the government, the very government who contrived this crisis, to close the border and address the issue of illegal aliens in our nation. And, Americans are not calling for amnesty.

While Obama is requesting $2 billion dollars to “address” the problem, some Democratic members of Congress call this an “opportunity,” believing America should open her arms to invaders. Border patrol agents are overwhelmed and some reports indicate that a few federal immigration agents were using law enforcement databases to warn drug smugglers. The United Nations (UN) is now putting its two cents worth into the mix by calling on the United States to declare these illegal invaders as “refugees being displaced by armed conflict.” This is nothing more that to place pressure on the US to accept these invaders, egged on by the Obama administration, that are ineligible for asylum.

Now, one must wonder what “armed conflict” is occurring in the Central American countries that would qualify these people to be considered “refugees.” Traditionally, refugees were those individuals fleeing what the international community considered “traditional political or ethnic conflicts” such as is seen in the Middle East. However, the UN is suggesting that these invaders be considered “refugees” because they are “fleeing” violence and extortion committed by criminal gangs in their own country. It appears the UN is declaring corrupt, ineffective governments and countries where authorities allow criminal gangs to perpetrate horrendous acts against the population as reasons to flee.

Next, one must wonder why these so-called “refugees” would not stop in Mexico if they were just “fleeing violence and extortion at the hands of criminal gangs” instead of the very long treacherous journey to the United States. Then, one must also ask why reports surface that these illegal invaders were told to come to the United States. In fact, reports indicate that news agencies in these Central American countries were telling their citizens to come to the US as no one would be deported.

Refugees, my Aunt Fanny!

Not surprisingly, the UN would like to see a “regional agreement” on the status of these invaders as “refugees” at Thursday’s meeting in Nicaragua between migration and interior department representatives from the US, Mexico and Central America.

According to CNSnews.com:

Violence by criminal organizations spread in recent decades after members of California street gangs were deported to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, where they overwhelmed weak and corrupt police forces and seized control of large sections of the country.

That one sentence almost makes it sound as though the US were responsible for these people leaving since deporting criminal illegal aliens back to their country of origin.

Not only is America under attack by illegal alien invasion, she is now being attacked by the international community for her immigration laws, led by the United Nations and helped along by the Obama administration.

For decades, it has been no secret that Central American countries, along with parts of Mexico, are governed by corrupt administrations who are frequently in bed with the drug gangs. Drug trafficking, along with a host of other criminal gang activity to include human trafficking, is big money business that keeps many of these government’s politicians in power living an extravagant lifestyle at the expense of the general population. While the Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez claims his people are being “displaced by war,” one must question what the president of Honduras is doing to stop the so-called “war” or whether he is the instigator of lawlessness in his own nation. The same goes for Guatemala and El Salvador.

Of course, many individuals know that Honduras is not at war, in the traditional definition of the word. Unfortunately, politicians have over used the word “war” to indicate activities or statuses that many have opposition toward, such as the “war on drugs,” “war on poverty,” and the “war on illiteracy” to name a few. It is a conditioning of the public to accept “war” as commonplace, trivial and applicable to everything one opposes and would like to eradicate instead of the greater conflict that arises between nations and states for the establishment of superiority or conquering another nation for territory.

These Central American countries are not at “war;” therefore, these people are not “refugees.” Regardless of what the UN or the head of these lawless Central American countries try to push, these illegal aliens are NOT refugees; they are invaders of our nation, supported by some members of the international community and our own administration in order to bring about the downfall of America.

There are many articles written on the “New World Order” and the “One World Government” theories. One underlying commonality in all these theories is the fact that the United States must fall in order to herald in the NWO. Since the United States is the symbol of freedom, the upholding of individual God-given rights, the torch of liberty and equity under the law, this nation and it’s people must be destroyed in order to herald in this “world unity.”

What better way to crush this nation than to economically collapse it through the influx of contagious disease carrying illegal alien invaders who will flood the government handout system. Once America falls, other nations who value similar freedoms will almost willingly submit as those nations will not have the “force” to resist.

Obama, his administration and some members of Congress have termed the invasion along our southern border as a “humanitarian crisis.” This was prior to the UN wanting to term these invaders as “refugees;” however, this misnomer opened the door for the UN to attempt to “throw its weight” around in attempting to re-define an invasion as an “influx of refugees.” The international community looks favorably more on “refugees” than invaders. Turning away “refugees” is inhumane while turning away invaders or repelling invasion is expected of sovereign nations. By redefining these illegals as “refugees,” it solidifies this as a “humanitarian crisis” and will produce enmity against the United States and her people should the people themselves rise up to repel this invasion. And, that is exactly what it is – an invasion.

Why is the United Nations not calling on these Central American countries to “clean up” their nation, protect their citizens from criminals and harm, and promote human rights? Everyone has their own answer to that question. The UN would rather promote the downfall of the US, biting the hand that feeds it, than actually promote its mission.

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Somewhere along the way, sovereign governments have given way too much credence to the ramblings of the United Nations, whose mission is to promote international cooperation, maintain international peace and security, promote social progress, better living standards, human rights and stem another world conflict such as was seen with World War II. This organization is controlled by member nations whose violations against humanity are unprecedented and the corruption in their own nations unparalleled, even when comparing those governments to the Obama administration.

Before long, Obama, his administration and members of Congress will begin to refer to these invaders as “refugees.” They will take up the flag of surrender handed to them by the UN, thereby pushing America further toward its demise. The UN is one organization that needs to be kicked out of America, defunded by America and membership of America canceled since the organization is worthless and the money used to support it might as well be burned.

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.