I received this letter from a reader in Australia:



I have recently come across your good work.

Here in Australia there are some do-gooders who are blind to the facts about Muslims and how their beliefs affects the decency of human society. They bow and squirm at every little complaint that the Muslims make when they cry discrimination.

All the while, they are trying to get a foothold with a purpose to Islamise our country; this was even implied by an Imam during and interview on 60 minutes here in Australia. He said something like “in 100 years Australia will be Islamised”.

All of the American problems exist here in Australia, too. I have seen first hand.

At a panel shop where I went to get my car quoted to get fixed, the Muslim man who worked there and his male friends were flashing around an iphone showing the beating of a woman by her husband for going outside the house. Seeing her cowering, it disgusted me.

I said, “Why are you showing me this?” They laughed and said, “Get used to it. This is Islam. The only way to keep a woman in line is to beat her”.

As you would expect, I have had nothing to do with these people ever since. I took my car elsewhere for repairs.

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