What is this world coming to when a sloppily made YouTube video is accepted as evidence? This is not a satellite image or anything official and verifiable. What we have is a conversation that could very well be between two actors. It is pure hearsay and it appears that Ukraine may have been caught manufacturing evidence once again. The video of the alleged conversation between Pro-Russians seems to have a variety of problems. The first of which is the fact that it was created the day before the Malaysian Jet was shot down.

ukrainian evidence created day before

Now when I first saw this I had an immediate question and I am sure others are wondering as well. Assuming this is not a faulty time stamp, which is possible I suppose, I wanted to see if it was possible if there was any place in the world where it would have still been the 16th at 7:10 PM when this plane was shot down, because we simply do not know what time zone is being used on the website in the screenshot above. I did a little research and unless my math is faulty, there is no place on this earth that it could have still been the 16th of July at 7:10 PM when that jet was shot down.

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Before I go on I want to explain my general understanding of this, because a lot of people, like myself, are not “techies.”

As in the case of the Sandy Hook/Associated Press photos, it appears that this video was created on one date and uploaded at a later time of significance. We live in an age of “time stamps.” These are difficult to forge. Pictures and videos are permanently marked with these time stamps. I could upload a picture that I took a year ago and try to pass it off as new. However, those who are smart enough would still be able to determine that the picture was taken in 2013. What should also be noted is that the file was deleted after it was downloaded 810 times. Could that be because the downloading party did not expect the actual “creation date” to show up? Possibly. It is still on YouTube which does not show a “creation date.” So why did they delete from this source and not from YouTube?


There are other major problems with the video(s) that were highlighted by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge, who also provided the above screenshot:

The purported smoking gun is “revealed” in the second section which begins 43 seconds and lasting one minute in between a “Major” and “Grek” who are also allegedly Russian rebels. It is here that the conversation goes into explicit detail describing the contents of the downed airplane, and makes it clear that it is a civilian airplane, describing the civilian carnage, and stopping just why of naming this a Malaysian Airlines flight.

This is the key segment as it explicitly makes it clear that the plane the alleged separatists in the first part were talking about was not the Su-25 but MH 17. The only problem is that there is absolutely no way to confirm who “Major” and “Grek” are, and considering the entire Ukraine civil war has been merely one provocation and counter-provocation after another, explicitly staged in advance by either the CIA on the side of Kiev or the Kremlin on the Russian side, one does have to wonder whether the said two “smoking gun” participants aren’t merely two random people speaking Russian and reading off a script?

The clip concludes with another unnamed “Militant” who supposedly is speaking to Mykola Kozitsyn, one of the purported leaders of the Cossacks operating in east Ukraine. The Militant makes it clear to Kozitsyn that it is not a military plane and has “Malaysian Airlines” written on the side. One wonders just where one could find such writing on the side of the crashed and exploded fuselage but that one is for the forensics to decide.

In other words, if indeed all the participants in this YouTube are as they have been presented, then surely this does put the pro-Russian rebel movement in a very unsavory light.


And yet, something here smells very fishy…

First, the Russian version of the clip which was released in parallel, and shown below, there is a major discrepancy in the time stamp, with the English-dubbed version showing the conversation between Major and Grek taking place at 5:11 pm and 5:32 pm, while the original one has it at 4:33 pm, 5:14 pm and 5:32 pm.


Make no mistake about it. The U.S. Government already knows who shot the Malaysian airliner down. Whether they will ultimately be truthful about that, in the future, is another matter. Gordon Duff of Veterans Today also brings to light some very valid points:

The reason for the attack on the airliner is not clear and can only be speculated on.  This is an extremely serious incident.  Pro-Russian separatists in the Ukraine have no air defense systems capable of operating that high, or a need for them with air ground attack being their main concern.

US surveillance which includes AWAC, drones and satellites is capable of detecting the launch of any air defense missile, ground based, capable of reaching the necessary 32,000 foot altitude.

Such a weapon would have been spotted in seconds and, as all such systems in the region are under continual surveillance due to the sensitive nature of the conflict and the history of allegations made, making claims we expect to be made outlandish.

There are questions.  Why two Malaysian Airlines planes?  If someone or something so threatening that this act was seen as ”reasonable and justified,” even by the Israelis, was undertaken, we will never hear the truth.  Minimally, biological or chemical agents capable of global holocaust would have to have been onboard.

Why two Malaysian Airliners? It is hard to believe it is coincidence. My thought would be that it gives all the more reason to suspect a false flag. Implicating Russia, for instance, in this tragedy would automatically create a public opinion, or at least stoke suspicion, that they were also responsible for MH370. Here is what Brandon Turberville has to say:

The fact that the flight shot down over Ukraine is the same type of flight that went missing over the Indian ocean only months before is a highly questionable coincidence. Such a coincidence is almost too big to be believed. 

Given the track record of the United States, NATO, and governments in general throughout history, one must at least wonder whether or not the recent shootdown of the Malaysian flight over Ukraine was not simply a false flag designed to drum up national fervor and a new Cold War ultimately leading to a confrontation with Russia

It is important for the Western public and the rest of the world to become more streetwise regarding incidents such as the Malaysian flight and that they immediately cease to accept an entirely discredited government and media’s explanations as truth.

Isn’t that the truth?

In the end a YouTube video is a very effective propaganda tool and world governments know this. There are a lot of people that have probably already made up their minds on the basis of a 2 minute video, and nothing from here on will change that.

That’s the sad reality of our world.

I leave you with another YouTube video, from our friend Paul Joseph Watson, which explains why we should question the video evidence that has been presented by Ukraine.

Question everything.

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