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Watch the video. Stay with it — the most important part starts at 9m58. You will see how powerless the French police are against the punk jihad and the extreme left.


I cannot fathom what it must be like to be a Jew in France.
Tell me how this not civil war. They need the army. (thanks to JS for the video)

MORE HERE: French Muslims go on rampage in Paris suburb, attacking two synagogues, setting fire to cars, pillaging stores in Jewish suburb.

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UPDATE from the BBC:

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has condemned “anti-Semitic” violence that broke out during a protest against Israel’s action in Gaza.

Jewish-owned businesses and a synagogue were targeted in the suburb of Sarcelles, just outside Paris.

Shops were looted and 18 people were arrested as youths went on the rampage during Sunday’s protest, which had been banned by authorities.

The mayor of Sarcelles said the Jewish community was in fear.

Such an outpouring of violence had never been seen in the suburb before, he said.

Roger Cukierman, head of the umbrella group Crif that represents French Jewish organisations, said Jews were not just afraid, they were anguished.

“What’s happened in the past few days is terrible. They’re shouting ‘Death to the Jews’ and attacking synagogues. It’s completely out of control”, he said.

Pro-Palestinian rallies also took place at the weekend in London, Vienna and Berlin, where an Israeli tourist was attacked by demonstrators.

Anti-Semitic slogans were chanted by some protesters in the German capital. Jewish community leaders have spoken of their shock at the “explosion of evil and violent hatred towards Jews”.

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