liberty cryingIf there ever was a time in history after World War II when America needed strong, solid leadership, it would be now. With the continuing escalation of aggression toward Israel in the Middle East, the instability in the Ukraine, and the increasing violence of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the world teeters ever closer to the possibility of war in several geographic locations. These situations occurring half a world away will eventually, if they have not already, affect the United States in one way or another. It is at a time such as this that America needs decisive, principled individuals in positions of government – something America sorely lacks.

The invasion occurring on the southern border of the US has the potential to burst into another conflict inside, as well as outside, our borders.

Now, more than ever, America needs the founding principles of freedom and liberty, the strength of character to stand strong against aggression toward our allies and those nations embraced as friends, and consistency of truth for portraying stability. There is almost none of America left that is recognizable. America has been “fundamentally” transformed. No longer are the people “united” in one idea, but divided along so many that several countries could be formed by the different ideologies.

Yes, there are pockets in America that hold strong to our founding principles, stand up for the supreme law of the land and seek only to impart truth. However, it is not those portions of America that are readily visible to the world. Our leadership is what the world views in order to establish an opinion of our nation. It is quite obvious our image has gone from one of “walking softly while carrying a big stick” to one of “walking around looking for something to grasp.” If Putin is the image of Russia like Queen Elizabeth is the image of England; then, Obama is the image of America.

How can America be taken seriously when dealing with conflicts between world nations and faction aggression against nations when America’s leadership is basically “out to lunch?

It doesn’t matter at this point what -ism Obama is or is not or which one he is attempting to institute in America. All the discussion regarding his eligibility to hold the office does not change the fact that he occupies the office. The time has passed to analyze, develop theories, and examine which “book” he is following. Americans have to acknowledge that this nation’s transformation is almost complete.

Our “representation” in Washington is practically non-existent. No longer does any representative care to address their constituents’ concerns. We are witness to Congress, this administration and government agencies acting on the notion that we as individuals cannot, do not, and should not possess the ability to care for ourselves, much less provide insight into governing a nation. Individual God-given rights are seen as a “problem” and upholding them as counterproductive to the “collective” good. Some Democrats believe the people do not have the right to know anything government does.

While the liberals and leftists cheer and attempt to rub conservative faces in “their win,” these groups are continually being used to complete America’s transformation – a transformation that will be as detrimental to them as it is to everyone else.

Congressional leaders demonstrate their lack of interest in following law with one carrying the delusion “he” is in controlOne refuses to follow the law of the land because he disagrees with the law. However, all congressional leaders apply the law inequitably along the line of “commoner” and “privileged” class with their millionaire/billionaire supporters and themselves being the “privileged.”

A nation that began as a constitutional republic intent on upholding individual, God-given rights through limited central government
changed into a democracy (mob rule) and more powerful central government. Now, America is so divided, the majority is difficult, if not impossible, to identify. The legislative body is so busy trying to appease or appeal to so many divisions for votes to remain in power it has become ineffective, incompetent and oblivious to the fact it has been played like a fiddle. As is being witnessed, we are no longer a constitutional republic, even though we have a constitution that establishes this nation as thus. Look at the actions of our government. No longer is this nation a constitutional republic or a democracy (mob rule).

Our nation is now subordinate to the changing whims of one man – Barack Hussein Obama. In any other country, Americans would call this type of “government” a dictatorship or monarchy. This individual treats the Constitution like toilet paperThe Constitution is our supreme law. While the liberal/left perceive their ideology is now on top of the mountain, instead of the principles found in the Constitution, it is only an illusion designed to keep their support.

The whims of the self-appointed dictator fall along the lines of several select groups which is why there is no consistency evident. His whims follow a minority. America has become ruled by the minority of Congress and Obama with their actions based, not on law, but on what they want or what they believe will gain support from the “favored” minority “commoner” sect they deem important at the time.

It matters not about the law anymore. It is what this man and/or Congress want at the time that will trump law. Think about Obamacare – health care insurance for the poor and uninsured. Think about the support for Islam – no one better speak the truth about it or risk going to prison. Think about the stance in support of blacks against whites – blacks are incapable of racism and have carte blanche to attack whites. Think about the stance on terrorism – it is certain American groups, political parties and religions who are considered terrorists.

Take a look at immigration. Forget about the invasion along the southern border, or “humanitarian” crisis if you prefer that terminology. Let’s pretend for one minute that is not occurring. Obama supports granting amnesty to millions of lawbreakers based on the pressure by that minority group, who are criminals, to make it so. He releases tens of thousands of illegal criminals from prison into our communities for what purpose – a gesture of good faith to the illegals here? He promotes a pathway to citizenship for illegals already here with one way being service in our military. The law has now become something similar to Baskin-Robbins “Flavor of the Month;” it changes monthly until every “flavor” has been promoted.

Illegal Immigrant invasion is just the new “flavor of the month,” promoted by Obama with his “DREAMers” pen stroke and deferred action for children who come here illegally. Everyone else is being given the bus treatment as he supports awarding “social” programs to these invaders, shipping criminals into communities, black and white, bringing increased drug cartel clashes, violence against women and children and home invasions to new heights, and risking untold pandemics that threaten the entire population, including the “minority” groups he uses to enact the agenda to bring America to her knees.

Border patrol is under orders to allow illegals to enter unimpeded and has been for sometime. Illegals are being relocated to areas within the US interior with a good faith gesture that these illegals will show at an immigration hearing. The stand down orders and promotional media of “open US borders” in these Central American countries encouraged the flood. Instead of enacting control of the border, Obama, his cronies and ilk continued to ignore law then blame law for the problem. Now, it is being reported he is considering flying illegals in from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador directly into the US bypassing Mexico. Where does he get that authority? How many illegals from those countries will be brought here?

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Bottom line, his actions support and back criminals, lawbreakers and lawlessness. He follows whims esteemed in nothing resembling law, but in varying opinions of “sects” who stand for nothing and fall for everything. Opinions change with the times, whereas the supreme law of the land is written to stand firm with changing times.

Examining the popularity surveys show there is only a 35% support rate for Obama and a 13% support rate for Congress. This indicates our government does not follow the majority support nor the supreme law supporting upholding individual God-given rights and limiting government, which are applicable for everyone. These “elite” follow their own whims while catering to minorities in order to further “their” agenda.

There has been no legislation rejecting the Constitution and many will say they have no authority to reject the Constitution; and, they would be right. The creature has no authority to change the design of the creator. However, look at the actions of Obama and Congress. Now, ask yourself what is the reality?

The reality is our government is “missing in action” when it comes to the supreme law of the land and has been for some time. Unfortunately, to return our government to its founding principles will take generations, if it can be done at all. Some do not want this country to be a constitutional republic; but, what it is they want government to be changes from day to day. They support chaos and instability which is being reflected in the problems seen at this very point in time.

The world is even beginning to wake up to this fact. Why have many Americans remained asleep or apathetic?

As a wise man once said, “The school of hard knocks is a well earned education when a fool will learn no other way.”

It seems that America has become the land of fools, transformed over time and escalated by a Manchurian candidate and his ilk. The Americans, who are fools, will only learn by being knocked down time and time again. Until the sect of fools “learn,” the rest of America is in for a long, hard, tough, incomprehensible existence. All Americans are not fools; but it seems the fools have become empowered with the court jester now leading the nation. These fools are, at this point in time, basically controlling the destiny of us all.

Welcome to the “Transformed” Chaotic States of America, the land of the fools and the home of the unstable where the Constitution is toilet paper and those who uphold it are the terrorists.

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.