obama communistBy now, many have read that President Obama has recently called for a “new collectivized order” in order to quell many of the problems plaguing the world. President Obama cited the problems in Russia and Ukraine, Iraq, Israel and Palestine, and no doubt acts as if the immigration issue is one of these crises as well. Truly, the world seems to be on fire, and the Global Elite  that are calling the shots would have you believe that surrendering our sovereignty to an all-powerful global government is the solution, never mind the fact that it is the global elite causing these problems in the first place. Using the concepts of the Hegelian Dialectic, the powers that be create the global conditions that lead to fear and uncertainty, allow the targeted populations to demand “predetermined solutions,” and then reluctantly act as if they must go along with the demands to give the appearance of carrying out the people’s will. It’s all designed to get you to willingly accept what you once wouldn’tglobal communism.

The formula is simple, create the problem which persuades the people to beg for a solution and then give it to them. This system of persuasive arguing was devised by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and would later become the framework for Karl Marx‘s “Dialectical Materialism,” which, of course, eventually became the framework for communism. Like Marx, Hegel was a statist and believed that humanity owed allegiance to an all-powerful state that directed every aspect of our lives. The dialectic is a methodology devised for the purpose of bringing people to this ultimate conclusion by being the creator of societal chaos while also being the one able to implement the necessary solution. The formula was thesis-antithesis-synthesis, or problem-reaction-solution. In other words, it cons people into believing the state can create a perfect world by pitting two opposing forces against each other, alleged opposing forces anyway.

With President Obama currently citing problems created by his own design as a reason to implement a “new world order,” there is little doubt that he is following this dialectic formula. It isn’t just the crisis created in Iraq by pulling troops out too early, or arming Islamic militants whose intent is to annihilate the Jews. It isn’t just the current Cloward-Piven strategy being used to justify amnesty; it is every single-policy issue seen in the United States and abroad. In fact, our entire government is now a dog and pony show following the outline of the dialectic in order to get people to see the “wisdom” in compromise.

Republicans and Democrats give the illusion of opposition, but in reality they are pushing the same agenda while using their minor variances in policy initiatives as a means of bringing you to do their bidding. Whenever you hear the word compromise, you can assume that compromise was already a “predetermined” decision, and is being offered simply to give the illusion that two opposing parties can work together.

Many would argue that the Democrats and Republicans are doing anything but compromising. That’s part of the thesis to get you to believe that we have an ineffective government, and be more accepting of the “collective” synthesis. The antithesis, of course, would be the demand that something be done about a congress that can’t work together.

This same strategy is being used with the Second Amendment as well. Not only are they using tragedy as a means of getting people to accept, or rather get politicians to push for, more gun control, but I would argue that, in many cases, they are lax on existing gun laws with the hopes of creating a crisis. For example, take the words of Eric Holder as he explains how to “brainwash” people into looking at guns in a different manner. People in the United States, as a result of one too many high-profile shootings, are literally begging for the government to restrict their rights. When you consider the fact that the worse gun violence occurs in states where there are more gun laws, it becomes self-evident that the laws of said states are not being enforced, and the result of reoccurring violence is of course, more gun laws. The issue of gun control is the perfect example of the Hegelian Dialectic at work.

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Another good example is Global Warming, where people have been conditioned to believe that two hundred years of human activity is ruining a planet that is allegedly six billion years old.  The United Nations has already announced that global communism is the best way to fight global warming. They argue that the problem is so big and so complex that only a global government with complete control over the world’s resources can solve it. This is despite the fact that Antarctic sea ice is hitting new record highs, confounding the climate models predicting otherwise.  The formula works the same here: Create a crisis, cause fear and discontent, get people to demand your predetermined solution and then give it to them.

The powers that be are close to completing their new order, all they need is your acceptance and it’s a done deal. They will continue to point to all the chaos in the world with the hopes of instilling fear and uncertainty, when in reality they have caused the problems with the intent of getting you to turn to them for the solution. Don’t fall for it America.

David Risselada is a freelance writer and researcher. David served in the United States Marine Corps from 1995-1999 and the US Army from 2001-2006. In addition to contributing to FreedomOutpost.com, he writes at Radical Conservative. Follow David on Twitter.

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