Tea Party Tax Day Protest in Washington D.C. Source: Trevor Loudon
Tea Party Tax Day Protest in Washington D.C. Source: Trevor Loudon

The TEA Party has failed. Let’s face it. They came in late to the game, and tried to overcome a points deficit never before attempted, except by God. To that degree, the TEA Party depends on God to overcome the points deficit, but they have been unable to effectively transmit a winning motivating message in the 7 years they have been around.

Yes, there have been a few pockets of successful resistance to government corruption, mainly in the places usually expected to have such resistance, but New York, California, Illinois and elsewhere have not turned from their hedonism long enough to fight for the liberty to practice hedonism much longer. That abortionhomosexualitypot smoking, and the like are rampant only means hedonism is presently freed, not that such freedom will last. For the same masters who permit hedonism now, will stamp it out later. The hedonists will not realize, until the very end, that it was a weak Judeo-Christian nation which tolerated them best. A passionate Islamic caliphate, or a dedicated communist regime, will tolerate them none at all.

By contrast, ISIS has succeeded wildly. In only a few months, the murderous army has captured large swaths of land which we thought were secured by our boys. But how could we think that? 10+ years in the trenches and we are still fighting youngsters in sheets with AK’s? We have drones and don’t use them? They can fire from mosques and we don’t destroy them? Heck, our soliders are told in many cases not to fire.

ISIS succeeds by offering no apologies and little explanation. Convert, be enslaved, or die. Simple philosophy. Carried out with ruthless purity, backed up by religious zeal. If the people who cheer ISIS as they march through town are not genuinely glad for their presence, they are too scared to do anything about it. And don’t be fooled, many of the Iraqis and Syrians are glad to see ISIS. They see ISIS as a stabilizing force. Just as all chaos is fixed through a strong hand.

The TEA Party, on the other hand, eschews radicalism, snobbishly seeing it as the domain of the Left. But when the Leftist is in charge, the conservative is the radical. Therefore, radical stance requires radical action. However, the TEA Party is too busy trying to be the “better person” and to look good for the cameras, ostensibly so that possible volunteers to this “army” will not be driven away by any whiff of uncivilized or uncouth behavior. But that’s the problem.

While ISIS drives home its point with no care for “how they look” for their public relations department, the TEA Party is obsessed with being the “good guy.” ISIS hangs heads on pikes. The TEA Party has a dinner at the local fish place. ISIS marches through the streets with boldness. The TEA Party misses an opportunity to protest because they couldn’t get the proper permit.

What are the objections to my comparison?

First, that we are not Muslims, we are Judeo-Christians. This means what to me? That Judeo-Christians ought to mildly go to their extermination? ISIS believes it is the majority opinion, and runs with it. The TEA Party doesn’t want to be presumptuous. Is it any wonder people are nonplussed by the TEA Party? That the media implies the TEA Party is terrorist ought to be enough to motivate the TEA people to be more radical, but no.

The second objection is that ISIS is a terrorist organization bent on murder. Got it. Why does that mean the TEA Party can’t crash through its own social conventions to protest, organize, even agitate? It seems that the more radical the world becomes, the less willing the TEA Party is to shed its conventions of propriety, and to make a great big ruckus.

Further still, I would submit that as long as the TEA Party remains mealy-mouthed, militant groups will rise and conquer. If the TEA Party is a mainly Judeo-Christian organization, then it emboldens Islamics, atheists, hedonists, and other groups opposed to Judeo-Christianity when the TEA Party is a passive organization.

The solution? As usual, I have to point to the problems with Christians and Jews today.

First, there is a lack of obedience to God’s Law. Just the mere fact that I have to be asked “which commandments?” by any person shows me that it’s all about getting out of obedience, not getting into it. Every jot and tittle, as Jesus would say, to which every Christian and Jew should say “Yes.”

Second, there is a complete lack of courage when it comes to endangering one’s lifestyle. The Federal Reserve’s printing press has kept our economy (buying and selling) going for a long time, so that if they turn off the spigots the whining of the madding crowd will be deafening. We are complete slaves to our comfortIf we do not destroy our enemies, including the Federal Reserve (we can coin our own, you know, interest-free, constitutionally-speaking), we will be destroyed.

These are the solutions: 1) God’s Law, that is, Torah. Our law or their law. Torah or Sharia. Torah or statism. Torah or savagery. Torah or corruption. 2) Hegemony, that is, cultural dominance. Our culture or their culture. Torah or hedonism. Torah or the caliphate. Torah or communism. Torah or police state.

It’s literally them or us. It’s literally do or die. Why is there hemming and hawing?

The only thing that can win the day is brute force. Make it swift. Make it real. Make it count. Cut off the head and the body cannot function. When it comes to Islamic radicalism, there is no substitute. When it comes to the corruption and socialism within our own government, there may still be time to work it out some other way… or not.

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Some may ask, how am I any different than my enemy? Why is my way better? Because at the end of my way there is liberty and prosperity, as well as our Law and our hegemony. At the end of their way is their law, their hegemony, with enslavement or death for anyone else.

Yes, “love your enemy.” What does that mean? First, recognize you have an enemy. Second, don’t be fooled to thinking that your niceness will have any effect on your enemy. Third, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, lodge the stranger, as the Law says. But you are not to permit their Law to topple God’s Law. That is not loving your enemy. That is cowardice and slavery.

Tom Wise is General Manager for Amendment Arms Inc, Arden, North Carolina, manufacturers of the Joshua Mk5 AR-AK hybrid rifle. Mr. Wise is also a fervent anticommunist and Constitutionalist.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.